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Today was the first day of the diet plan I’m following.


There are strict rules that come with this diet (as with any) which meant that I stick to what it says and ignore everything else. I couldn’t have NUTS, MILK, and juicing the fruits into a drink is forbidden! Nothing is to be converted into liquid form but with my fruit I was only allowed to add salt (if I liked) but I was not allowed YOGURT or CREAM and had to eat everything as naturally whole as possible.

Breakfast: 1 whole grapefruit, and a box of grapes.

Lunch: Apple, peach, oranges and papaya

© 2013 Day 1-My Lunch

Dinner: Looked pretty much the same as lunch

I can honestly say that the day went really well for me; only had a little headache at breakfast time from lack of heavy food (that would the carbs) but after 11am I was fine. I still had lots of energy 😀

Only wish I drank as much water I was meant to: 10 glasses. Usually I would get through 3 750ml bottles a day. But for some reason today I only drank 750ml. Because I was getting all that water from the fruits, I didn’t feel as thirsty and so didn’t drink as much :/ Will try and get down more water tomorrow!