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I was actually looking forward to this day! I felt that the food would be more filling and I could actually ‘do’ stuff with my food. As in add salt and drizzle it with lemon juice. Which is exactly what I did!

Breakfast: 1 potato

© 2013 Day 2-My breakfast

Lunch: steamed carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and peppers

It tasted nice to begin with, then all the fresh lemon juice I squeezed on that morning hit me had towards the end I couldn’t finish it.

Dinner: cabbage salad – carrot, lettuce, cucumber and cabbage

This was nicer. More pleasant than the steamed veg. Probably because it was crunchier and I felt less like I was having baby food.

Overall: It was a better morning than Day 1 as I actually had some carbs from the potato and had energy in the morning 😀 Today wasn’t bad either but I felt like there were less things to snack on in between meals. With fruit you can take out an apple and munch. But it would have been difficult to do that with fruit. Especially considering how I didn’t want to have carrot or cucumber sticks because I was already having it in my salad.

Once again I didn’t drink as much water. Stuck to my 750ml bottle. Tomorrow though I will try to have tea and take a bigger bottle into work, just so I can have at least 3 glasses :/

I’m still looking forward to tomorrow even more than I was looking forward to today:

Day 3: FRUIT & VEG