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Yes, it was another day of eating greens and staying out of the carb cupboard. I could have as much as both as I liked, but ONLY fruit and veg. From Day 2 I looked forward to today more because I could finally have sweet with greens.


I’ll admit that today I felt the most tired and without energy when I woke up this morning. Especially after going to the toilet :/ I felt very hungry and very weak, thinking I won’t be able to walk to work like I normally do. So the first thing I ate was a bunch of dates! After 10 mins I felt better and able to move a bit quicker round the kitchen.

I had the leftover lunch from Day 2 (the steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) which only gave me a few mouthfuls and then a whole peach once I got to work.

Snack: Another pack of grapes and later in the day a pack of chopped mangoes

Lunch: cabbage salad I didn’t eat from the day before.

© 2013 Day 3-My Lunch

But because I left this container of salad in the fridge at work overnight it was no longer fresh (as it had the horrible cold/fridgey taste with each morsel) and so I couldn’t eat it. Only took 4 bites and I was done. Luckily, because I had been munching on the grapes I wasn’t hungry and didn’t starve myself.

Dinner: watermelon, apples and oranges

© 2013 Day 3-My dinner n snack

This box of watermelon started off as a snack and then became dinner as they tasted so good and took the lead of my original dinner (apples and oranges). But I did make sure I ate 3/4 of the box of apples and oranges.

Water: I drank more today: 1 liter of water and I’m still going. Trying to make it to 2 liters. I’m still not hitting 10/12 glasses but I’m improving. I’m sure all that watermelon counts for something! 😀