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Breakdown: 8 whole bananas, 3 glasses of milk, 1 bowl of vegetable soup


I was super worried about today. Obviously because of the amount of bananas I was required to eat. I don’t have anything against bananas. I love and respect all fruit. But I don’t even eat 8 bananas in 1 month, let alone 1 day! Plus the lack of food did worry me, especially because being at work with minimal energy would mean the same thing as you should have just stayed in bed and not come out.

But anywho, in the morning I had the soup and then at work I ate 2 bananas before lunch!

© 2013 Day 4 Bananas

Lunch: soup:- carrot, tomato, lettuce, red cabbage, green chili, onion, leek (optional), lentils (optional).

In the soup I added lentils. Sounds silly but I felt bad because the rules state that I musn’t add or take away anything to what the diet instructs. But I felt that the lentils would give it better flavour, making me feel more satisfied at lunch time. And I wasn’t disappointed! It tasted better and the soup in general made me feel fuller for longer.

© 2013 Day 4-Vegetable SoupSnack: liquid wouldn’t normally count as a snack but in this case it was all I had. Got through 3 glasses of milk and actually felt a lot more energised because of it.

After lunch I ate a further 2 bananas and I left it at that. That made it 4 bananas in total eaten throughout the day. I probably could have had more, but my mind wouldn’t allow me to eat another 2. My mind was still confused at having to consume 8 in a day, so going 3 over my normal dose of banana was sufficient.


I had another bowl of the vegetable soup. As stated above, I was only meant to have 1 bowl but I went 2 bowls over. I don’t feel guilty or think it will affect my progress at all as I didn’t get through 8 bananas. Only getting through 4 means that I balanced it out with extra soup. Not, of course with the same nutritional value, but in terms of filling me up!

Water: I drank almost 1 liter today. I’m trying to drink more. But I had lots of water in the soup and 3 glasses of milk so I was hydrated enough. Hence why I wasn’t so thirsty today. In fact, because of the amount of banana and milk I was full of energy!