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Menu: RICE & VEG

Breakdown: 1 small bowl of boiled rice, vegetable (in salad or soup form), 10 glasses of water

Breakfast: corn on the cob, chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes

I spent the entire evening watching old episodes of Doctor Who so I only got into bed at 12:30am and set the alarm for 8:50am. Usually I would have woken up before my alarm but I only woke when the alarm went off. I got a call not long after from my older sister asking if I wanted to go with her to the Next retail sale. I said yes and had 30mins to get ready and eat breakfast.

The corn was lovely and the cucumber with tomato was just added at the end.

Lunch: lentil soup with rice and steamed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts)

After shopping I was very tired and very hungry. Instead of making the diet soup I had the lentil soup mum made and tucked in right away.

© 2013 Day 6-Rice  again

© 2013 Day 6-Steamed Veg ii

© 2013 Day 6-Lentil Soup iii

Snack: snapped peas. Steamed and lightly salted.

© 2013 Day 6-Snapped peas

Dinner: diet soup

I finally made the diet soup again and added lentils (although I know it’s not on the recipe). Lentils are good, so not harm there!

Water: drank to 2 liters and very happy about it! No lemon drink today but maybe tomorrow.