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Breakdown: 1 small bowl of rice, fresh fruit juice, vegetable salad, diet soup, 10 glasses of water

Breakfast: woke up feeling quite excited! a) I could have fruit again b) I could have it in juice form.

© 2013 Day 7-Fruit Juice prep

So I didn’t follow any recipe, but simply took out a blender, chopped up grapefruit, oranges and a pear, then produced this:

© 2013 Day 7-Citrus Fruit Juice

Was very happy with it 😀 I couldn’t have handled grapefruit on its own. Also, it was more smoothie than juice – basically, smoothie.

Lunch: diet soup with rice

© 2013 Day 7-Diet Soup for lunch ii

I don’t know if I mentioned this already but the diet soup is very filling and is extra tasty because I added lentils. I piled the soup onto the rice so it’s all buried under the veg. I was very hungry and chose to eat it in the largest bowl I could find 😀

Water: I drank plenty of water today. Up to 2 liters. I know it’s nowhere near 10 glasses but it’s the most I could manage. The soup and the fruit juice was part of my liquid in-take so I can only take so much.

Snack: I ate lots of fruit (apples, orange, dates, peach) in-between meals. On the plan it only mentioned fruit juice, but I couldn’t make dozens of fruit juices/smoothies and ruin the taste. So I ate them whole and felt more satisfied and full for it. Again, I didn’t feel bad or naughty. It’s still fruit!

Dinner: fruit smoothie

© 2013 Day 7-Citrus Fruit Juice

I ate lots of fruit before dinner, dates in particular, so I could only stomach one glass of the smoothie. The same citrus smoothie I made for breakfast. Because of the slimy after taste I just about finished my glass.


And this concludes my 1 week weight loss diet!


I will post my results and evaluation of the whole week tomorrow. But what I will say now is this: it was one hell of a week and I don’t regret doing it one bit!