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Well lovely people, the time has come for me to open up more about my 1 week diet to lose 10Ibs.

What were my goals? (a) to lose 10Ibs (b) to clean my digestive system from the inside (c) feel less bloated (d) prepare myself for eating better and starting to commit to a much healthier eating style than before

Did I achieve them? (a) weight remained the same but I lost 0.5 inches around my hips (b) That was most definitely done (c) I felt less bloated. It really was a good week in terms of that (d) it did and today was the 1st day out of the diet and back into a mindset of eating healthy

© 2013 Day 6-Snapped peas

How do I feel about the results? A bit disappointed but also not so surprised. I knew that I hadn’t lost 10Ibs before the week was up. My clothes did become lose but not enough for 10Ibs. However, I acknowledged from the start that the effects of this diet is different for every body.

So even if I followed it down to the last lettuce leaf, it still wouldn’t mean that I would achieve the results I wanted. My body works on a different clock from everyone else so it’s simply a matter of finding out how to wind it 😀

© 2013 Day 1-My Lunch Benefits: (a) I had great skin! It was so much softer, brighter and it glowed (b) forced me to sleep more hours and made me feel rested and ready for anything when I woke (c) re-teaches you the importance of knowing what you put into your mouth: looking at the properties of food, how too much or too little of something can affect you etc.

Drawbacks: (a) felt very week on the morning of Day 3 (b) there were times when I didn’t have anything to eat and I was super hungry. Not the kind when you think you’re hungry, but when you really and truly are (c) often left me feeling tired and weak. Colleagues at work noticed it and raised their concerns (d) this is the case with any diet, as all our bodies word differently, but you may not see the results you were after. Like how I didn’t see weight loss but only a few inches gone from part of body

Exercise: There were recommended ones but after work and walking 40 mins home I was tired and didn’t have the energy to do any exercise. I walked everyday to and from work, so that added up to 1 hr 20mins of walking for 5 days. That is one thing I could have maybe done more of.

© 2013 Day 5-Cherry Tomatoes

What was good? How you had a meal plan and just stuck to it with tips and guides

What was bad about the diet? Reasons for why certain things had to be eaten and why it was spread out as it was over a week was not explained. E.g. Day 4 was all about the 8 bananas, but it never mentioned why 8. I figured it was because there was limited food that day and having 8 bananas would keep my energy levels up, which it did.

Would I do it again? I would, but not this diet. A detox is good for the body and I still felt good and healthy so I’m not afraid to do it again.

© 2013 Day 7-Fruit Juice prep

Would I recommend it? Not this particular diet. But I recommend everyone to do a detox at least once in their life time!

How am I eating now? (a) Clean. Which means less things out of a packet and more cooking in the kitchen. It’s not like I ate much of anything from packets anyway, but now I’ve made it more of a rule, I will stay away from it (b) making more soups than I used to so I can fill myself up on vitamins, zinc and fiber so I don’t need to consume as much carbohydrate

What am I looking into next to help me stay healthy? A friend has introduced a book about eating food that is suitable for your blood type. Luckily, I had a blood test recently. So I can confirm my blood type and get cracking on seeing if this style of eating is what will help me take control of my health