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I had a very interesting meeting with a student this week. He’s a 2nd year A-Level student who will be doing the same degree as me: BA English Literature & Creative Writing. Naturally, we have lots to talk about and, being a few years older than him, I impart any and all wisdom I have about life and books.

After talking about his reading habits and his style of writing the conversation turned to me when he said:

Boy: Speaking of strange dreams, I had a dream, and ah…you were in it!

Me: Oh dear…what did I do?

Boy: Ha ha. Well, I dreamt you were a primary school teacher.

Me: Oh god! Primary?!

Boy: Yeah. And you were talking to a teacher about the principle, saying bad things – which I’m sure you’re not like Macena-

Me: Yes, thank you.

Boy: And you kept talking, but didn’t realise that the principle was right behind you, listening

Me: Well, that does sound like something I would do. Ha ha

Boy: Yes, you were so focused on your conversation you didn’t notice.

Me: Ah, you know me so well. But it was a primary school!

Boy: Yeah. So where would you like to teach?


I said I’ve enjoyed working at a college and so I now wish to teach students between 14-19. But him seeing me in this dream in a primary school has really thrown me off. I’ve been battling with myself for ages, swinging between all levels of education and trying to find the right place. And for the longest time it has been college.

But the REAL question is, do I really want  to teach?

I won’t bother with explaining how I feel about this, but all I can say is that the closer I get to me starting my PGCE, the more I want to run away. I’m getting cold feet and I don’t like it ¬.¬

I blame this on my desire to be a professional writer!

This dream of mine has been what’s made me resistant to anything that could take me away from it. I can imagine myself as a teacher by day, and writer by night/weekend…but how realistic is that? Not if I have reports to write and papers to mark.

I guess all I’m saying is that I know I don’t have to make a decision that takes me only down one route, but with reasons such as house prices increasing, oyster fairs rising and kinder-eggs now costing 71p when it used to be 40p, one has to think about how one will get their bread and butter on the table.