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Ramadan has finally arrived! *YAY*

There was a buzz in the air at work on Friday, amongst the staff and students observing the month. Staff were saying things like “It’s not as hot this summer as it was last year”, “Make sure you use the easiest route to work”, Don’t tire yourself out!”. On the other hand, you have students… “OMG the day is longer than last year. I’m going to suffer!”, “I’ll just sleep through the whole day. Easiest way not to feel it”. I told them that was cheating but they moaned and groaned and giggled with a hint of guilt on their faces.

In terms of prep for this year, it has been very different for me.

Previous years I always kept in mind when Ramadan was going to start, my work schedule at that time,  the amount of samosas I would have to make for Ramadan and for Eid…but this time round it was a surprise.  I’ve been preoccupied with getting prepared to do my teacher training for next year that Ramadan seemed to have come too soon.

So come Saturday I thought I had gotten away with making the mountains of spring rolls and samosas I usually make. But I was wrong! I was forced to make 80 veggie spring rolls. I thought I was going to get away with it, but I couldn’t. No matter how many times I told mum we had plenty left in the freezer ¬.¬

Spring Rolls: Ramadan Diaries 2014

Spring Rolls: Ramadan Diaries 2014


And it’s not like its hard enough trying to keep things healthy over Ramadan, but then you get people bringing over Asian sweets. Oh how they torture me…

Mishti/Mitai: Ramadan Diaries 2014The family is smaller this year so I hope there will be fewer battles. But all I can do is wait and see ^_^