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The blessing is that the first day was on a weekend, making it easier.
I slept in this morning. Usually I’m up with the birds but of course for this month I am allowed to sleep in a little. So I didn’t set my alarm,  just to see when my body would be done resting and…well, because I could!

Waking up at 9:00 am I felt guilty. I could hear mum downstairs reading the Qur’an and chairs moving about.  I always feel bad when I’m still in bed whilst everyone else are awake. Going down I felt like it was a different atmosphere: no one was rushing around, no loud voices. Just peace. Except for Luigi (Lui) our budgie, who was chirping away in the background 🙂

After a bit of pottering about the living room with my brothers I had to get stuck in the kitchen.
As odd as this sounds,  I’m sure I spend more time in Ramadan cleaning plates than I do in every other month in the year.  Either I’m always on cleaning duty or we just eat a lot.  In truth,  it’s both!

Then came cooking.  And not just for iftaar but for suhur too. Usually both cooking for both take up most of the latter morning early afternoon period. But for a Sunday, a day off work, I couldn’t complain. I pretty much spent the rest of the day doing odd things without sequence: reading a book, played with my younger brother, made some soup for myself (no one makes my healthier version of food) and then finally the little bit of setting up for iftaar!

An hour before sunset mum tells me:

Mum: Your dad had a sudden craving for fried food

Me: How do you know?

Mum: he bought a some ready-made daal-puri and noon gora from the shops

Me:…so its a not so healthy start to the month?

Mum: I guess so

Chana Baji Ramadan Diaries 2014

In all fairness mum and dad fasted an extra 2 days before Sunday so they are entitled to a little treat. I’m just worried it’ll take over all our meals where we can’t get away from the oily Asian goods. I tried my best to not have as much and ended up giving some it away.

The Neighbours Iftaar Ramadan Diaries 2014

All our dates Ramadan Diaries 2014

All our dates Ramadan Diaries 2014


Plus we had neighbours bring over food. But we had nothing to return. So I promised them that they would get something nice from us tomorrow. And so begins the nice but slightly stressful duty of giving back an iftaar meal equivalent, if not better, in content ¬.¬

After eating and allowing my food to digest I did a light-work out for 30 mins and was glad I did it!