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Recently I have noticed college girls who are not fasting, due to ‘lady problems’, finding it tough to work around their male peers to be able to eat freely. But this is an issue for women all over the world who have to deal with that awkward moment: when they see you eating and you freeze.

You would think that educated young men would understand and not question a girl about why she isn’t fasting, but it’s still something that happens. Heck, it happened to a student today. This leaves girls often in a state of unease as they try and eat in a quiet place or simply sneak away without being given the Spanish Inquisition.

Day 3 - watermelonWhat needs to happen is for us to treat the men as grown ups who can handle the truth! Now this isn’t to say all girls who cannot fast now can drink and eat  merrily in front of those fasting, but it shouldn’t be as awkward as it is. Also, this isn’t me encouraging all women to declare to everyone that they aren’t fasting, but we need to be able to comfortably be grown-up about this issue and get on with life.

Today I witnessed 2 girls hiding in a corner eating breakfast whilst at college, 1 girl drinking water behind a display, another hiding her coke can under sleeve and another throwing her food away as soon as she saw men approaching. Yes it can be embarrassing and you have every right for people not to know what’s happening to your body. But at the same time, it shouldn’t be so tough on you either.

It doesn’t help when you’re caught drinking and a man usually says any of the following:

a) You broke your fast (well duh, she’s aware she just drank!)

b) Why aren’t you fasting? (you really don’t know?!)

c) Don’t drink in front of me. It’s not fair! (No, that’s not fair on me. You need to then look away)

But the only advice to give is to try to stay with someone when eating. It helps when you’re not alone.

This is what was served for iftaar. I pretty much just ate the watermelon for iftaar.

Day 3 - Iftaar