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Today was the day I packed up my stuff at work, cleared the table and draws for the next occupier. Tomorrow will be my last day at work but I wanted to get the cleaning out of the way so that I can enjoy my last day of work in peace. And only after I cleared everything did it all seem real: after working as a mentor for 2 years it had finally come to an end.

Day 5 - My Desk

Looking at the empty spaces I realised how much I would miss the place, but most importantly, how I would be moving onto something better. Its been a great 2 years and I have learnt and grown so much. From being a fresh graduate to the person I am now. And this made me think more about this month; Ramadan is a time in which we also ‘tidy’ up our relationship with God and try to be a better person. But not just 1 month, but to train us to continue doing so for a life time.

To make sure I move on after working for 2 years at the college, I won’t dwell too much on what I can no longer do, but rather what I will do in the future. Ramadan should be treated no differently; moving forward and using this month as a training ground is the purpose of helping you to improve for the future. People often think of the past and lament over how they used to be, but that is not time worthy. What is worth thinking about is the present and future. This month is about new beginnings, and I intend on making that happen ^_^

Food today was a mixture of random stuff put together. Which I liked. And this usually opens our eyes to how little can still be a lot. When meals are planned out, they end up bigger than what our stomachs can handle. But without a plan, little is prepared and we are content! 🙂

Day 5 - Pasta

We had to add a fry up so mum dug out some onion rings:

Day 5 - onion rings

And I was in charge on the fruit (of course!):

Day 5 - Fruit