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I am still in mourning over leaving work. Sad, but true. It’s not the fact that I’m unemployed, although that should probably be the primary reason for feeling restless, but that I feel like I don’t know what to do with my time. Weird right?! 0_o Well, what used to eat away 8 hours of my life is now gone. So naturally, there is a hole in my life that I haven’t yet prepared my mind to fill.

But one thing I did know: I needed more books!

I will now go into detail of the requirements for the teaching qualification (PGCE): my university expect me to have read a certain amount of books by the time I start the course in September. Consisting of 3 theory books, 6 Shakespearean plays and 44 fictional books to read, I have to complete reading all 63 books before I start. So in 2 months now. This jaw dropping list seems manageable. I thought so too, deluded as I am, but work only finished 1 day ago and even though I have been reading like the good trooper that I am, Goodreads is kinda telling me off (or so it feels) when it says YOU ARE 15 BOOKS BEHIND SCHEDULE!. Now I know I have dedicated most of my waking hours and the rest of summer (*weeps*) to reading, plus, I’ve been reading non-stop since I got the list. But I am still apprehensive about not meeting the deadline.

So to waste no time at all and to continue on my quest to eat books instead of air whilst I fast this Ramadan, I set out as early as 9:30 am to visit a far away library that is better stocked than my local one (7.4 miles is quite a journey). After 1.5 hours of scouring shelf after shelf in between screaming kids I emerged with enough books for at least a week or two!

Tip of the iceberg reading

Tip of the iceberg of my reading list

But my time out didn’t end there. Mum called and wanted some essential food supplies. Two of which were onions and potatoes. It really is shocking the amount of bags we get through in Ramadan because I’m sure there were 2 whole bags of the eye-watering vegetable in the closet only a week ago.

So anyway, I bought the stuff plus extra (always extra) and arrived home roughly for 2 pm. So then what did I do? Well, read of course!!! I began My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher and I am now already 50% done *woohoo* And that is the wonderful thing about the books I am reading for the prep; the secondary school teaching of English requires me to read all teen fiction. Most of which you would have thought I would have read growing up, but the thing is, I didn’t. Now you might be asking the same question a friend of mine did, “So what the hell were you reading up till now?” Well, I got into adult fiction quite early on, which meant books that were either mainstream or for my age were not really ‘my thing’. But who would have thought my innocent discrimination would come back to bite me later in life! #TheIrony

So I am drowned in books people read a decade ago, when I should have been reading them too as I am now learning, the hard way.

But apart from reading I did plan on doing something else creative: for my novella in progress!

Now I know I said some time back that I would publish it soon, but stuff happens and so I am only now working with a friend on getting the illustrations ready whilst I give my piece the final few touches. So naturally, I need to express to my illustrator what I want for certain chapters, but this meant I needed to draw O_O And sadly, I had to show her this:

Day 7: Art like Van Gogh

It hurts to know I sent her a scribble even a 7 year old would be ashamed of, hence why I have employed someone else to jazz up my story to begin with 😀 I drew another image but I won’t scar anyone again with my doodles so I’ll leave it at that.

Then when it came to preparing the food for iftaar, I found that dad was busy frying pakura:

Day 7: Potato pakura

And here’s the thing: both mum and dad are DIABETIC. So us having fry-ups for iftaar is something I have tried hard to abolish in our house, but have clearly failed miserably at :/ I think dad genuinely forgets he IS diabetic. When I remind him of his delicate health, he gives me the ‘you-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about‘ look.

I couldn’t beat them, so I joined them. But I did try to keep it as minimal as possible:

Day 7: My big iftaar

Trying to counter the pakura with strawberries and chickpeas 😀

And then one more issue at the pre-dawn meal: we needed to get rid of the bread. Naturally when people fast, most breakfast items are forgotten for the month. But I committed the crime of buying a loaf of bread 4 days ago and had to pay the price today:

Getting rid of bread, one way or another

Getting rid of bread, one way or another