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Day 8- DatesGrowing up it was important to mum and dad that we all ate together at the dining table, especially for lunch and dinner. Even when we used to watch Eastenders and it would clash with dinner time, mum made sure we either ate before or after the episode, even going as far as to allow us to eat in the living-room!!!

But over the years with us all growing up to go to school, college, work and so on, its been difficult to have a meals together, as a family. Sometimes you end up eating alone, and the saddest thing is that we’ve grown used to it. It’s become normal, almost. So come Ramadan it is without fail that we all eat together because we have to break our fast as the same time. This is when it reminds me of the old days. Of eating together and being a family  😀

This  Ramadan my older brother has been working night shifts 2 weeks straight and he had not had a single meal with us . But today he took time off work and was able to make it for iftaar. I had an older sister round with her husband and 2 kids so the house was full, but what made it seem like a proper family meal was when my brother said “I missed this. Us sitting and eating iftaar. It’s my first meal with you guys since Ramadan began. I’m happy I’m finally here, with you all“.

It felt like years since I remembered that feeling of being grateful to be at a table with my family around me. I felt a bit mushy after my brother’s speech and made sure to make a small prayer of thankfulness for all I had before me.

Day 8 - The Spread Because of having my sister and her family round, mum made biryani with kebabs. The meal was epic and I felt like a whale afterwards. Even now as I type this post, I am still paying for over eating, even though I ate the least out of everyone on the table.

Day 8 - Iftaar

And this plate wasn’t mine! It was my brothers. I really did have the smallest amount of everything