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In my recent posts I have been moaning about missing work and the gruelling prep I need to do for the teaching qualification. But now I would like to moan with you oh so patient souls about the grief of making a Student Finance application

#dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun# [cue thunder and strong wind]

For those of you who have been through the process, you’ll know exactly what I mean. For those of you lucky enough not to have, I envy you. I know, people might say I shouldn’t complain about a service that will give me the money to pay my student loans and keep me financially comfortable, but boy do they make the process so long, one might think they were actually trying to deter you from making the application in the first place!

I shut myself away in my room from 10:00 – 3:30 sorting out my application online. At first when I began to go through the site, I felt nostalgic of when I went through the same process a few years back whilst at university. But that feeling quickly vanished and was replaced frustration. Especially when you make a mistake. ONE mistake and it feels like your life is over *sigh*

Application aside, it hit me again how I am in debt already from my previous studies, and will now simply be adding on more.

This will be me in 60 years...if I live that long

This will be me in 60 years…if I live that long

The loans deceive you for a while because your money issues are dealt with for a time. You are reassured into thinking you don’t have to worry about it till you’re earning more than, well £21,00 now, when in my time it was £15,000. But bam, when you start to earn you get that really scary letter about declaring your income and you sign on that line saying you get paid and then they begin the extraction.

Day 10 - Loans


Education costs. Fine. Education costing an arm and a leg. NOT FINE.

Because now I feel like I will never be able to be this guy:

Just the poor grandma above…


Day 10 - Private Peaceful

Now coming back to the spirit of Ramadan! The rest of the day progressed in relative peace as I relaxed with the family and a book in hand. Then out of nowhere dad bursts through the kitchen doors and asks “Where’s the lentils?”

Mum: Where they always are

Dad: Where?

Mum: In clear, plastic containers. In front of you.

Me: Dad, why do you need them? What you making?

Mum: [death stare]


Pac Man watermelon

Pac Man watermelon

What on earth did I do wrong? I thought at first. But then as my brain caught up, I realised that mum’s point was ‘You don’t ask him. Don’t question him. If he wants to make pakuras so late in the day then let him. That’s his problem.’ But then I thought ‘Yeah you think that now, but it always becomes our problem. Always!‘ But I didn’t bother to reach out telepathically so she didn’t hear me 🙂

So come 8:00 pm that is exactly what happened: dad rushed home, rolled up his sleeves and took out knife and onions. This automatically meant that mum and I had to vacate the kitchen to let the tornado take over. Come 9:10 pm with 10mins to go till we have to break our fast, dad’s still frying pakuras with already a mountain of it next to him, he’s juggling 2 pans of bubbling oil with pakuras bobbing up and down and the kitchen is lined with knives and onion peel.

Even though we have all been eating pakuras for 2 days straight, dad still wanted it made and it had to be with lentils and some with potato. I was more interested in the fruit and I think so were the rest, but no one dared tell dad.

Mount Pakura

Mount Pakura

In the end, in fruit vs. pakura, fruit was victorious 😀 (Hi5 to those who watch Man vs. Food)