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You know that feeling you get when you wake up really early in the morning, the house is quiet, you get started on things and once you get them done it feels like you have all the time in the world? That’s how Ramadan feels. Without having to worry about sitting down for meals through the day you have so much more free time its amazing.

When I was studying I used to wish for either more hours in the day or to not need to sleep, just so I could get my work done. And fate would have it that the one month I need more time, it also happens to be Ramadan.

See how far away he's sitting from me? :(

See how far away he’s sitting from me? 😦


Taking advantage of the day I woke up early and sorted out some things related to the novella. Then I spent ages calling HM Revenue for the tax credit letters I desperately need for the Student Finance application, which will now be on standby till the letter comes. And then I began on one assignment for the PGCE. I read a little today and although I felt a slightly guilty at not reading more, I knew that there is no longer any rush. I have already accepted that I can’t get through my reading list. And I’m ok with that. Have already accepted it. And I feel free ^_^

Instead, I could actually spend time reading Qur’an and bonding with Lui the budgie today. There really isn’t much you can do with this bird, but ‘bonding’ for us is being able to touch him. Yes, we have never held him. He won’t let us get near him and he screeches if you get too close. So a thing my brother and I have is to slowly put our hands in and see if he lets us touch him. And I’m not talking about stroking the guy. I mean him letting us touch his claws. Yes, we are treated like such lowly people he only lets us touch his delicate nails. Today I was able to touch his claws for a whole 10 seconds and he didn’t fly away or take a nip at me *HURRAH* =D

The afternoon became very quiet when my siblings left to have iftaar at my sisters. Mum and dad didn’t go and I stayed behind to get work done. This automatically meant iftaar was very humble and healthy!!! As it should be 🙂

Day 13 - Iftaar

One thing I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post is me excising. I did a light workout for 30 mins before the dawn meal, suhur. Dad could hear the DVD on my laptop and started yelling at me:

Dad: Don’t workout after you eat?

Me: What?! [I couldn’t hear him over the trainers voice, plus I was in the middle of some intense squatting]

Dad: You shouldn’t exercise after you’ve eaten

Me: I’m not. I’m…doing it…before I eat

Dad: But you’re going to be tired

Me: I’ll…be fine!

exercise-21There I was, trying to focus on my balance and get my posture right, whilst dad was yelling from the room next door. After the workout I felt great! And I was happy to feel a little sore in some places today. Lets me know I worked hard. So the plan is to hopefully continue working out everyday for 30 mins after breaking my fast.

Yes, the workout makes me sweat, but it really is light and I felt perfectly fine today. No weaker or tired than usual. To all those who wish to get in some excise too, I recommend some low impact moves for a short period of time. I hear of people trying to do like 45mins on the treadmill after iftaar and they called that ‘light’ O_O. No people! 20-30 mins is not too long or too short a time to get some stretching in with a little cardio.

I last worked out more than a week ago. I have been lazy but now, no more! Like I said, I have time, so I should make use of as much of it as possible.