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I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like getting involved with anything. Family disputes, rifts between friends, work politics etc. I’m a no-drama kinda person. But somehow, slowly and without realising it I became a mediator.

And my duties as one was called upon this morning when I woke up to find a text from my older brother asking me to talk to mum for him. It really was about nothing major, but I still went over to speak to him to get more information. You see the thing is, he’s not very good at communicating his feelings. He’s like a grizzly bear who tries his best, but ends up sounding like he’s attacking you. Now my job between mum and him is to ‘translate’ his feelings over to mum and vice versa.

But in Ramadan, I really didn’t feel like doing it. I left things as they were and didn’t probe my brother about what happened. Later, when I spoke to my sister and she told me what really happened, I felt like I should have done more. It was an issue that is fairly small but if left over time, it can potentially ruin relationships. I’m not saying if I had stepped in, all would have been resolved, but at least I could helped 2 awkward people understand each other. Because that seems to be a running theme between my brother and mum: no clue how to communicate! But in Islam, its important to keep good relations and not hold grudges. Ramadan of all months is a time when people should be working more harmoniously than ever, but if things like arguments are happening, naturally the complete opposite will happen.

In the recent months leading up to Ramadan I had two people close to me who fell out and it lasted for 5 months. And I think how it could have been resolved quicker if mediation had taken place, if someone had taken hold of the situation earlier and made the two parties talk it out. Because as humans, we tend to burst with emotion in 2 ways: (a) you let people know how you feel straight away (b) you hold it all in and then you suddenly pop!

It was then that I realised my significance! I know the following will sound like something out of a superhero film but just hear me out. Although, even after all that happened today, I am still a reluctant mediator, but a mediator I am. So from now on, I will protect my people from angry silences, cold shoulders, avoidance and all things known to damage good relations. I will save my people from themselves. Why? Because I am THE MEDIATOR!!! *and the crowd goes wild*

Day 15 - Jackfruit

For iftaar, the jackfruit was present and mum was trying to get us all to eat loads. But I had learnt from the night before that it was THAT fruit which gave me such a hard time. I explained this to mum but she didn’t really get it, so I had to leave the table before she forcefully shoved it down my throat. And I am happy to say I was able to work out *YAY*

Day 15 - My iftaar

My iftaar

Day 15 - pakura madness

Also, dad has a love affair with potatoes. So although we already had the pakura mixture with the potato in ‘chips style’, he then went and made more with potato but they were just bigger. I really don’t get it O_o