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How I imagine the spider looking at the bird: with DEATH!

How I imagine the spider looking at the bird: with DEATH!

I woke up late today, around 11am, from a nightmare. It involved a bird, but not my budgie Lui, that was being tormented by a spider. This spider thought it would be replaced by the bird as the family pet [its a dream so I can’t give details on who these people were!] and so the spider was very jealous. Then the owner wanted to show that he/she was not going to get rid of the spider, and so the spider was picked up and stroked lovingly on its belly. Now, this spider somehow doubled in size and was as big as a fully grown hamster! But then the spider still felt threatened by the bird. So then it went to the bird’s cage and started circling it slowly, you know, messing about with the bird, planning to kill it anyway…

And that’s when I woke up.

I have these odd dreams nearly every other day. They are usually quite funny, bazaar, fantastical. But when its about spiders, which is NOT cool because I have arachnophobia, then I feel a little on edge from the minute I am conscious till I am blessed with forgetting all about it. So that’s how my day began. That aside, I planned on spending time revising for the maths test I need to take for my PGCE. I may not have said this before but I’m saying it now: I HATE MATHS. I’m no good at it. It hurts my brain and bores me. I honestly do wish I were better at numeracy but I’m not. Somehow I worked my way up to top set in school for GCSEs but the height of my maths ended there. Now, 7 years on, I am expected to remember it all for this test.

So I went down stairs to revise. I know myself: if I had remained upstairs I could have easily gotten board and then gone onto Youtube for the rest of the afternoon. So by being amongst other humans, I would be motivated to work and not deviate from the plan: TO FACE MY CHALLENGE.

I have this A5 whiteboard to use for my working out, so when my 7 year old nephew saw me doing some times tables he laughed at me and asked ‘Can I help you? I’m good at maths!‘ As soon as I showed him it was actually my working out for a percentage question, he walked away! I could have revised for 2 hours, but with the 7 year old and his 5 year old sister, it stretched to 3 hours. Although it was long, by the end of it I felt good. Like when you first learn to swim and you end your lesson at least being able to not drown. So I haven’t emerged a maths genius, but I feel I can float now when I expected to still be sinking in the ocean of numbers.

Day 16 - My iftaar

Today’s iftaar was simple. Some kisuri (savoury rice dish) and fruits, with a side of dad’s favourite blood pressure catalyst, pakura.


I know its Day 16 but I am really surprised to know its already been more than 2 weeks into fasting. Even after living all these years and fasting all those months, it’s still a surprise every time how quickly time flies. And on that note, I took a picture of the cloudless sky, allowing me to see the full glory of the moon. In the middle of every month there are 3 days in which the moon is seen in full. These are known as ‘The 3 White days’ falling on the 13th, 14th & 15th of each month. So I took the picture last night but have only thought to upload it today.

Happy [half way] Ramadan peeps ^_^ 

Day 16 - moonlight

It’s the best I could do!