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Ramadan comes only once every year. We look forward to it like we would with Eid. Not all people might understand this, seeing as we’re fasting. But the thing is, its not about the food, its about the challenge and blessings that come with it. Its a month in which spiritual rejuvenation takes places. We re-charge our batteries, we seclude ourselves to focus our energy, we step away from the world and focus on our selves and our souls. All of this means doing as much worship as possible But what I have noticed in myself and in others is the ‘crash phase’ This being a result of trying to do too much within the month; either lots of projects are started yet not committed to in the long term, or a lot is planned but because of a lack of organisation, you unconsciously give up and nothing is really achieved.

Failure memeI guess what I’m trying to say is that there is such a thing as burning out in Ramadan and not meeting the goals you have set for your self if there are too many goals to achieve. Treating this month as a training ground for the rest of the year means also being very academic-like, in the sense of creating attainable targets and trying to meet them like you would as a student. I have come across people who say they wanted to finish reading the whole Qur’an in Ramadan, although they haven’t picked it up in over 7 months. Or that they will memorise many chapters that are over 150 versus long.

So although its late and we have already hit the half way mark, let me give some tips:

1)  Set goals that are realistic [know thyself]: there is no point running before you can walk, so choosing goals that are within your current capabilities, but leaves room for ‘moving-up’ in effort or dofficulty

2) Give yourself small deadlines to meet within the month to keep you on your toes: when you have a deadline that’s far away you can fool yourself into thinking you have plenty of time. So setting smaller ones with help you gradually meet them, without ‘cramming’ the night before

3) Take all things into consideration:you are a human that has a life that involves work/studies/family so only commit to what you know you CAN actually give time to

4) Buddy up: Doing things alone can mean you can lose motivation and stop working hard. Having a partner to help you and keep you on track is useful. download 5) Make a timetable: Mental ones don’t usually work so a paper one stuck up on your fridge/wall is best. This is the link to a timetable/to-do list created by Abu Productive for productivemuslim.com and you can access the PDF file here. This to-do list is simply a guide. It’s still not too late!!! Every small step we take will soon lead to bigger ones, till one day we are able to run. So keep walking and keep trying this Ramadan.

Eggy bread with lots of fruits ^_^

Eggy bread with lots of fruits ^_^