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This is a dessert I’ve grown up with and used to have at least once a year, and that would usually happen in Ramadan. Now it’s been some time since I have eaten them and after craving it for 4 days straight, I finally got to make it =D

It really is very simple and you need only a handful of ingredients:


A 500-550g tin of pineapple circular slices in its own juice (not junks)

Juice from the tin of pineapples

5-6 tblsp (heaped) [75-90g] of plain flour

2 tblsp of sugar

(Oil for frying in – sunflower or canola oil)

This is my family's ancient deep fryer. This is where all our pakuras and samosas are brought to life

This is my family’s ancient deep fryer. This is where all our pakuras and samosas are brought to life 🙂


1) Use a large and wide pan that is deep. Fill with with oil and put it on high heat

2) Pour out the pineapple into a plate and transfer the juice from the tin into a round bowl

3) Make the batter: into the bowl of juice, add 5-6 tblsp of plain flour and mix well to get rid of lumps

*The batter needs to be thick so based on your judgement, you will add 6 tblsp or maybe a bit more*

Day 18 - batter

4) Once it’s all mixed in well, add the 2 tblsp of sugar and stir in well again

*At this point it would be best to roll up your sleeves and use your hand to mix in all the ingredients, to ensure there are no lumps and to best feel the thickness of the batter!*

5) Drop a fingernail size of the batter into the pan to make sure the oil is piping hot. Once you see its ready, dunk a pineapple slice into the batter, making sure it’s evenly covered, then gently put it into the oil. You will know it’s down when it turns golden brown.

*Do not put in more than one at a time as they will stick together. Once one is turning lightly brown you can then put it another battered slice*

And you’re done =D

Day 18 - Fried Pineapple with Ice-CreamHaving this with vanilla ice-cream is lovely! The contrast of warm and cold is great and the flavours compliment each other well. But of course, you can have this by itself.

Enjoy ^_^