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When my brother asked me “What’s for iftaar?” and I turned to mum, who had a blank expression and I then turned back to my brother with a blank face, I realised: this is it! We’re having cereal for iftaar!

My brother looked slightly disappointed and although he shrugged it off and said he’s happy with whatever, I could tell he had expected something, no matter how small, and not absolutely nothing. I was surprised but happy with the situation. To me, it has never been as issue what we ate, so long as it was food that was good for us.

5 minutes later…

I find out that dad had already prepared iftaar earlier. he must have done it in stealth mode because mum didn’t have a clue!!! This made me feel slightly disappointed. I seem really evil don’t I?! let me explain: I just want them to at least once experience eating as we normally do for dinner in all the other 11 months of the year. They complain about their diabetes and blood pressure but they are such slaves to tradition that it’s driving them to an early grave. I wasn’t as excited as the rest but I couldn’t be upset: dad was their hero and I couldn’t take that away from him 🙂

Sticky rice with meat

Sticky rice with meat

So whilst having iftaar we discussed how the next night would be the 1st odd night of the last 10 days (21st). We know a lot of people who have already send farewell texts before going into ‘itikaaf (spiritual seclusion) for the next 10 days. I remember my brother returning from his own ‘itikaaf with strange stories to tell, but that’s for another post!

Farewell message

Farewell message


From now on my posts will probably be short as short as the above as I was to spend as much time away from my laptop as possible. I hope those fasting are able to have a very productive Last 10 Days ^_^