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So yesterday was a really really hot day. Now I don’t have a fan in my room because all it really does it blow around hot air. But yesterday at 6 am I woke up with my hair damp from sweat and I knew that I would  have to give in. So I went into mum’s room and asked to take hers. Only then was I able to sleep comfortably after 3 hours of trying. But the heat wasn’t all that kept me awake: there was a spider in my room that had taken shelter from the rain. I couldn’t forget about it crawling around my ceiling so I still woke up every 30 mins and automatically looked on the walls to see me nemesis!

Day 20 - pakura frying

Pakura frying

With the lack of proper sleep and the heat it was a tough day. But not just for me of course. The heat coupled with us all fasting, we all seemed really slow and out of it. I tried to revise maths whilst mum was cooking away like mad in the heat, in the hot kitchen for our not so hot guests. Well, I say guests but it’s just my pregnant sister and her gang. And so after nearly 2 hours of fractions and percentages I couldn’t do it any longer and I went and bonded with my younger brother: by playing Candy Crush with him on his ipad! ^_^

And then whilst planning what ice-cream to demolish after iftaar, I helped mum with cooking and then it was ‘tidy-up-the-house’ time and get the table ready for iftaar. And I don’t know about others, but due to the dark clouds and the threat of another downpour of rain, the world to me seemed to  be in teporary sepia mode when it was close to iftaar time!

Day 20 - my iftaar

Any ways, moving on. My sister arrived just before iftaar and it was a mad rush to get their plates ready and stuff. But because I wasn’t very helpful I just snuck away with my plate and waited to hear the azaan and stuff my face. Surprisingly I was able to eat a lot! Usually after fasting for more than 18 hours you think you can eat a horse, but you then quickly realise you can’t after a glass of water and some fruit. But yesterday I went all for it and took a second helping!

Date cake

Date cake

My spider story continues though! I went up and found it on the ceiling. I of course was scared that if I did try and get rid of it, it would backfire and end up falling on me or crawling into a corner where I can’t reach it. So I left it. Then I noticed how it was trying really hard to get to my bedroom door and probably escape. So I left my door slightly ajar and when I next looked IT WAS GONE!!!