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I’m combining the posts for yesterday and today as much inactivity happened and rather than go on about nothing-ness, I wanted to address a very important issue happening now in the world.

But I won’t go on about what we already know. We already know that more than 300 people have been killed in the past 3 days since Israel’s ground assault. We know that an Israeli military soldier has been captured and is being held captive in Gaza. We know that the hospitals don’t have the facilities to help save all those injured who walk or limp through their broken doors because of the bombings and lack of electricity.

As humans we want to help, more than the neighbouring countries of Palestine want to, such as Egypt or Jordan. But most of us cannot go over as soldiers and fight the Israelis off. Then what CAN we do??? People keep forgetting that as one race (and by that, I mean the HUMAN race, of course!), as one body, we can have a greater impact and make changes possible, rather than simply getting into heated debates about what the UN are not doing, even after a plea from the Palestinian president. So below is what most are already doing or maybe some options people haven’t given a go yet:


Actual image from the protest on Sunday 20 th July 2014

DEMONSTRATIONS The idea of a demonstration in public is to get a message across and to inform others of what your cause is. Informing those people who might otherwise not be as ‘clued-up’ as you are. Protests are not to make decisions, but to influence them. So those who think they are pointless, think again!



SOCIAL MEDIA Whether its changing your profile picture, sharing messages, uploading videos, tweeting…GO MAD! I know people who have been blocked or had their post taken down by facebook if it had anything to do with Theresa May or about the BBC. But DON’T let that deter you!










WORD OF MOUTH Talk to people about it. Outside and inside of your circle. It’s not so surprising for people not to be up to date with what’s happening in the world. Speak to young people or students, sometimes, it’s very easy to lose touch with things happening outside the bubble you create.  Educate people by discussing the topic and don’t get too into – as in don’t go off on a passionate rant, but reach out and remind them as humans, we DO have a responsibility to one another.

BOYCOTT To all those sceptics outs there, it DOES make a difference. Get enough people to do it, and you will see results. That’s how the Co-op are standing out as a chain supermarket that refuses to sell West-Bank labelled goods.

IMG-20140715-WA0011 boycott_israeli_goods_latoff


PETITION It is a law that once a petition reaches a certain number, it needs to be viewed by government. We need to NOT give up and spend, what takes only 2-3mins online, time signing more petitions.

DU’A (supplication to God) Never underestimate it People! At the end of the day, all things are in his hands so, don’t forget to raise yours and ask for victory for the Palestinians.

CHARITY Now is the time that we give as much as we can. That we make small sacrifices for them. I have seen kids call up donation hotlines on TV and speak to the studio about how their money for Eid will be spent on medical aid instead! We need to be more like these children and rally people together to donate. £1 from your pocket is the minimum, but we need to be doing the maximum.

REFLECT In Islam we know that as a body, we feel the pain when our brothers and sisters are suffering. So we need to reflect on all that we have and our purpose in this life. Even if someone don’t believe in God, they still have a duty to help those they can and work together as one unit to save people from suffering. Thinking about our role in aiding our fellow humans and being grateful for the life and family that we have is.

GAZA 2014 | Jon Snow ‘annihilates’ Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev:

CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix:


Day 22: I made iftaar yesterday: Minced meat in tomato sauce with a mix of pasta

Eggy Bread again! Again we  needed to get rid of the bread

Eggy Bread again! Again we needed to get rid of the bread

To use the bread up again (but more so because I was craving it!) I had a nutella spread-peanut spread and grilled banana sandwich for dessert ^_^

To use the bread up again (but more so because I was craving it!) I had a nutella spread-peanut spread and grilled banana sandwich for dessert ^_^ See that chocolate oozing out from the warm toasted bread?! Oh yeah 🙂