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Day 24: To help me prep for teaching I have to interview a GCSE student and ask them about the different literary texts they’ve covered as part of the curriculum and their opinions of them. I interviewed 2 students with very different tastes. One student only read realist fiction that is loosely based on real events or is biographical. The other was reading more typical books for the age group, such as fantasy and romance.

But later on I spoke to some other teachers about their students reading habits in class and one teacher told us how she caught a year 9 student reading 50 Shades of Grey! :0 The teacher expressed that “I never knew I would have to handle such a book, till the day I caught her reading that in my class“. But it didn’t stop there as “this student has the whole series and other sub-series of books from the collection!” Now there are many reasons why I object to the reading of that book, and one of them IS it getting into the hands of young impressionable girls. However, we live in a society where access to such things are easy. Too easy. Trying to stop someone reading nonsense will only make them pursue it more. I just hope that these girls can read the book in 5 years time and think ‘I read that crap?!‘ I feel I’ve developed my tastes as a reader as I’ve grown. I can’t say if there was a 50 Shades kinda book for my time, but boy am I happy I didn’t have to be exposed to something that is a STAIN on Literature!

Day 24 My iftaar. It's a mixture of stuff. Don't ask!

Day 24 My iftaar. It’s a mixture of stuff. Don’t ask!

Day 25: I spent the first half of the day revising for maths with my brother. And the second half chilling with the family before iftaar. I usually leave revision till after lunch but today I started in the morning. It didn’t make me feel nostalgic about my maths lessons in any way *shivers* but it did take me back to being a GCSE student. That was a very scary and wonderful time. Scary because it was the first time I was able to make decisions for myself. I could choose my college (so long as it wasn’t more than 8 miles away. Typical mum wanting me to stay local) and my subjects (so long as they included Law or Politics. Typical Asian expectations). And wonderful because I would get away from a place and people I had no choice but to be stuck with for 5 years of my young life! Sadly, I have almost as many bad memories as good ones.

Day 25 maths

There were times my brother spoke about Maths very passionately and I appreciated it. Back when I was a teen, we would have these conversations and I would gag at the mention of the beauty of statistics and algebra, but now I don’t mind. And it’s all because I’ve grown up! =D *pat on the back* I’ve come to appreciate Maths for what it is and it’s with great regret that I can say I really do wish I were better at it. And it wasn’t all bad at school…when I could understand it :p The experience at the school reminded me of how I used to be at 15 and how I am now. I used to think I haven’t changed much except for knowing how to use the London underground properly, but I’ll give myself more credit for it and say I’ve changed a lot! ^_^

Day 25: DESSERT - I was so hungry I I forgot to take a picture. It was all fried stuff so it was a binge iftaar for me.  The dessert you see is called 'lach-chee'

Day 25: DESSERT – I was so hungry I I forgot to take a picture. It was all fried stuff so it was a binge iftaar for me.
The dessert you see is called ‘lach-chee’