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Just the other day, I was speaking to a friend about my previous new years resolution. And when I tried to recall the ones from 2013/14 (because some resolutions just had to spill into the next year) I realised I couldn’t recall all of them! Because I had made that many. I’m always telling students to make realistic small goals that can lead to bigger ones, but I didn’t take my own advice in this case. I believe this was because I felt, in those years, that time was running out and that I needed to get a lot done. In truth, I still feel this way but now I’m a little wiser.

You know the mad rush Eid shopping people do the closer it gets to the big day? Well that’s how I feel about life; that I need to stock up in case I run out of time. Although I’m young and all that jazz, life can take surprising turns and I’m not the kind to wait and see what those turn might be. I like to be as prepared as possible. But of course, I’ve seen how the previous years have panned out, and now I want to make it different.


Resolutions for 2015:


1) Be true to what I am doing, whatever it might be:

This has become a major problem with me over recent years. This resolution is specific to my very long-term-project of publishing the novella. At first I thought I was being a perfectionist who also suffers from that my-work-is-not-good-enough writers anxiety excuse that people tend to use, making them delay publication. But I later realised that wasn’t the case. In short, I won’t be releasing the novella any time soon. I’m going to change it in many ways to make it better; I want to be able to know I’m putting out something I am completely happy with rather than something I hope floats, which was what I was going to do in Dec 2014 O_O


I know, I know it sounds bad. But in my mind, I thought that if I didn’t get rid of it I would keep holding onto it, and that if I held on to it (wanting it to be perfect) it would never be published. So although I looked at the piece as only 85% complete, I wanted to get rid of it. It was actually a very sad moment; to realise my own work had become a burden on me. But I’m looking at it very differently. I took a long break from editing and sought inspiration to help me fix it to what I want it to be. To what I want to share with the world. And so I continue to keep you all hanging…!

2) To not be waiting for things to work out, but to make them work out!

I’ve noticed that I don’t take enough action myself to help me. I sort of wait things out and then take the next step. This I have found is only regarding certain aspects of my life, but I know why it’s been happening: I’ve grown lazy. So this year will be all about productivity. Not a dramatic overnight change because I’m going to burn myself out. It’s going to be a steady and planned progression to help me reach my goals.

3) Organise myself better:

This will definitely affect my productivity. If I have my week ahead planned out then I’m more likely to complete tasks quicker. And even if I falter and stop using my timetable, it’ll still be up there to haunt me, enough to get me back on track.


4) Ask for help!

There are times I feel it is an issue of pride that stops me asking for help. But what is also part of the problem is how I think; that I will burden another with my problems. And, more often than not, I’ve found that I feel much better about a situation after seeking help and that the person who helped is even happier, because I asked for their aid when they say I never do. To accept help offered is one thing, to be able to ask for help is another. It’s tougher than people think, so I hope I’m able to see a change by the end of the year.

5) Turn down the volume of that ‘self critical’ song:

It’s good to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. However, it can get to a point where you think you’re not good enough in so many areas of your life, that it really rocks your confidence. I’m awkward when it comes to receiving compliments and am quick to come back with a negative about myself. I’ve realised I’m not doing myself any favours. By always highlighting to myself all the flaws I have, I’ve stopped myself from doing many things I thought I wasn’t good enough for. This year it’s all about building on ME. Something I haven’t really done or ever thought was necessary. I’m still young, but I’ve grown to realise how little credit I even give myself and that an occasional pat-on-the-back doesn’t hurt 😀

That’s it. Just 5 simple things. Nothing specific. Rather than only aim for the completion of tasks (as I did in 2013), I need to be able to know with what objectives I am going into the year. To know I have a purpose doing what I do will help motivate me and keep me going. With strength, I hope!