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Head in HandsI was supposed to post last month but I was all over the place and it just didn’t happen *hides face* 

So I’ve posted for both last month, which was To the Future Teacher in Me and this post is for May.

Now, I like challenges in general (so long as they don’t endanger my life or compromise my conscious) but I really enjoy doing Literary ones.

I was roaming through YouTube and found this one: Ernest Heminway’s 6 word novel challenge.

Although I’ve touched upon Hemingway’s work I never fully explored his literature on my or or actually tried any of his methods for writing. But today I’m in the mood to try something new. It’s very easy to get stumped for ideas when writing so this challenge in general is used as a great activity for those going through THE WRITER’S BLOCK phase in their life. Unfortunately, I had this too many times whilst doing my degree and sometimes trying out such activities helped me get back into the swing of things.

Back to the challenge! Hemingway basically wrote a ‘novel’ in 6 words. The famous:

6 words

was what we now call ‘Flash Fiction’. The general idea behind it was that you could write a whole story, paint a picture for the imagination by using few words.

And now this has evolved into an activity/challenge that has swept across the internet. Usually, this would require 2 people to take part, making it more fun. But in my case, I just have good old me. But I’ll still follow through with the rules as normal:

a) Each player writes down 5 nouns on a sheet of paper, rips up these nouns, folds them so they are not visible, and swaps them with the other player.

b) The players then pick a folded noun from their pile and have the task of writing their 6 word masterpiece using this one noun

Seeing as there’s only me, I’m going to go easy on myself and write only 5 nouns for my challenge 😀


I swallowed my gum. No!

bubblegumLiterally. I just swallowed my chewing gum. So I wanted to share my sadness. As a kid I remember being told by adults that swallowing one meant it would remain in your stomach for 7 years. So I tried to make sure I never did.

Then one day in assembly time when I was about 9/10 years old, my Head Teacher spotted someone with chewing gum in their mouth. She. Went. Mental! She pulled the boy out of the line and more or less dragged him to a bin to spit it out. (I won’t go into how inappropriate her behaviour was. All I can say is that in those times, teachers could get away with more). She then turned to the hall to the rest of us petrified students and yelled, “ARE THERE ANY MORE OF YOU CHEWING GUM?” I happened to be chewing gum. But I wasn’t exactly going to raise my hand and get blasted for it. So, I swallowed it!

I was sweating all over and somehow thought she would still catch me out and pull the gum from down my mouth or something. But she excused us and I slipped silently through. I remember feeling really sick with worry. I thought my intestines were going to suffer and then fail on me. But then I found out the whole 7 year thing was a lie. Phew!

Shoes are for walking, not tripping.

halflingheightrequirementI’ve never been a fan of high heels. Even when I was in my teens I had very ‘sensible high heels’ which means they were no more than 2 inches and it was a flat heel. Now, I’m not tall. The average height for a woman in the UK is 5ft 3inch. I’m 5ft 1. Real Hobbit size. And I’m cool with that. So I’ve never felt comfortable wearing heels. It just didn’t make sense to me that to not look so-short, I should have to walk like I’m doing it for the first time. Plus, I grew up to be a tom-boy (and still kinda am) and I chose trainers over stilettos. Also, I like to walk fast and get to places quicker. Now you cant’ do that in heels right?! #practical

Not to say I don’t have any heely shoes on my shoe rack. But again, they’re the sensible ones 🙂

Kitchen Battleground: why do this, ey?

Mum likes things done perfectly. Correction; mum likes things to be done her way. Although I know how to cook confidently and competently, when she’s around I get nervous and slip up. Because I know she’ll always have something to say about how I chop the onions, lift a lid, peel a potato and the list goes on. You see, too mum things need to be done her way because she thinks her way is the correct, and most appropriate way.

So today as I was cooking and she hovered over my shoulder and watched everything I did. It took me back to when I was an amateur cook and I kept making mistakes. So when I said “I can actually cook mum. Why not leave me to it?!” She did, eventually. For all of 5mins. Then she quietly returned to my side, and hovered.

Green tea is not nice cold.

I made green tea after a loooong time. But only because I overdosed on chocolaty treats today and to make myself feel better I thought I should just drink green tea for the rest of the evening. But then I felt really bloated and lethargic (my punishment, I guess) so I let the tea sit, but just for too long. And now, even as I type this, my mug of tea is just sitting there staring at me.

I’m the kinda person that will squirm and pull faces when taking medication, but will still take it. Because that’s the kind of trooper I am 😀 So, I know I’ll go down in a bit and microwave it. It won’t taste the same as it would have fresh, but it’s GREEN TEA for God’s sake! You don’t throw goodness like that away. Ever!!!

Books are the bomb. Forever man!

Walk into my room, and it’ll be clear I’m a book worm. To my mother’s dismay, I have books covering almost as much space as the furniture does. But I love it! And this takes me back to how I had to fight to be able to study English Lit in college and University. My folks have actually been not-so-typically-Asian in the department of what I should study and become. The usual pressures to become a doctor/lawyer/mayor was never really as pushed upon my siblings like in other families I know. Of course, these professions were suggested and encouraged, but never did they force them on us.

But when I chose to study Literature my parents were super worried. My siblings before me had chosen ‘more useful’ or ‘more sensible’ subjects. I was again the odd one out in the family. But I was determined to study what I wanted. From my point of view, I wanted to to be happy. And If I knew I wouldn’t be happy in it, why chose it? After a long discussion, they gave in. But only because I gave them a list of all the possible professions I could get into. Looking back now. I’m glad I fought for it. I’m happy with the person I am now, and that’s only because I studied what I wanted.

My love affair with books is still very much alive. It’s had it’s ups and downs, but like all relationships formed by destiny, they always pass the storm and come out stronger.