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Ramadan VaselineAnd how the year has passed and Ramadan is here again!
I’m still trying to mentally and physically adjust. But somehow all the big supermarkets have prepared for it better than I!
I’ve been seeing sales for oil, gram flour (chick pea flour), ghee and dates for the past 3 months!
They’re on to us man! There’s no secret about it any more; they know what it’s all about: FOOD.
Which is really funny because this year we’ve been planning on how it’s going to be a healthier Ramadan than last year, and what do the stores offer at cheap prices?! And I saw how quickly people attacked those sale shelves!!!

 This year

This year I didn’t prepare anything food wise for Ramadan. I mean, why should I have to?! It’s meant to be about everything BUT food, yet it’s what becomes the focus of the whole day: what shall we have for iftaar? 
Considering how unprepared we are food wise, I realised it would be really ambitious to think I could have a family meeting and suggested we create a meal plan for the month. So I’m still working on a plan for the family, but for myself I’m trying to get into a routine. Let’s see how I progress, ey.
But the first night was all really…messy.
Half asleepI was super super tired and so I somehow managed to pray my tarawih and then I thought I could sleep till about 1:45 am. But then mum comes along and asks that I wake her up at 1:00 am. Now, you might be thinking what does 45 mins less mean, but let me tell you now: in Ramadan, in fact generally in life, 45 mins means a mighty lot! So I set my alarm for 1:00, somehow manage to hear it after a few winks of sleep, woke mum up and then realised I couldn’t stay awake for 45 min.
So I jumped back into bed. Then just before 2:00 am mum tries to get me out of bed.
But she started pouring out instructions on what curry to heat up without checking if I was fully awake. In the end, all I got was “…and heat it up.”

Running around

I rushed down and started putting stuff together and making my porridge. Then mum and my brother make their way down and complain about what I heated or didn’t. Really, it’s not fair. But instead of telling mum Hey, I wasn’t even listening to you that time, which would have been a mistake, I just shrugged and got on with things. So we all stuffed our faces in 15 mins and were just happy we got to eat in time.

The rest of the day was spent with plenty of rest. I woke up late but nice and refreshed. Usually, there’s the lunch that needs making but most of the day was just restful. Dad’s not fasting this year because of his diabetes so he prepared lunch for himself and helped prepare for iftaar too. So this meant we had a simple, but still a very typical iftaar:
iftaar 2015 Day 1
Actually, that’s a lie :O
I couldn’t help it and ended up eating a lot more:
Table Ramadan D 2015 Day 1

The brown food all wrapped up is what the neighbours gave

Once again we got food from our next door neighbour who always makes sure to give us something on the 1st day of Ramadan. So of course we’ll now fix a date on our schedule and give them back a typical iftaari. Because, like I said, we’re all about eating less this year!
No one complained about anything and we all ate happily! But the after effects of consuming the samosas and pakuras meant I was chugging back a lot of water and was afraid I wouldn’t have no room for later.