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So this day started off much like the Day 1 in that things didn’t go to plan.

I should have known better, but I also genuinely thought I could do it.

So, I’m usually the bell ringer who wakes everyone up for the pre-dawn meal. I hadn’t slept properly due to bladder needs early the previous day so I was swaying at my desk as I fought to stay awake. Come 1am I realised I was too tired to focus on anything and decided I would have a 45mins power nap. Sounding familiar…?!

As I’m thinking Oh I need to set my alarm somehow with me losing control of the mothership, I started pulling the covers over myself and resting my head upon my pillow. I wake up to dad calling my name and telling me I’ve overslept. Half awake, I’m thinking he’s woken me up before my alarm. Good, that’s fine. Then he says It’s 2:15am.


I leap out of bed and run down thinking my brother and mum are already eating without me. I get downstairs to see the lights out and the kitchen empty. Then it dawned on me that I was meant to wake them up, but that dad had only called me!

Me: Dad, did you wake the others?

Dad: No. Why?

Me: Why?! Dad, I’m the only one awake. You need to wake the rest up.

Dad: Oh, I thought…

But I couldn’t wait to listen. I zoomed about trying to get things warmed up and in the end just resorted to shoving them in the microwave. I could hear mum upstairs groaning about being woken up late and I knew what was coming:

Setting the table

I finished off the leftover Jap Chae fron iftar and got mums food ready. When she stumbled half dazed into the kitchen I just put my head down and kept eating. She started telling me off but I reminded her that she had the choice to waste time to giving me an earful, or to eat in what little time we had left. She obviously chose the latter and we all vacuumed our food in 12mins.

I tutor on Saturdays which meant I had to make sure I got into bed asap to be up for 8:30. After 5hrs of sleep I flopped out of bed and managed to get to work. I already told the manager that I might not teach for the following 2 lessons in Ramadan. Purely because I travel far and I’ll be tired. Yet, I had more energy than I imagined and I was able to teach and manage the travel. I warned the kids that I’m fasting and I wanted no trouble out of them. So what they go and do: cause trouble. They were all fasting too but they had so much energy I had to question if they really were fasting! My energy was kept up by them, but this didn’t mean I was any less tired when I got home.


I told mum straight away that I needed to a nap so I wouldn’t be down till 8pm. Regarding the iftar, I suggested we try to empty our freezer of frozen food. Its quite ridiculous but our freezer is so full of convenience food, we don’t have space to put any samosa or rolls I make. Which is fiiine by me 😀

It took time falling asleep but when I woke up I felt soooo much better and was able to prepare iftar quite quickly. And no that’s not because it was all ready made 😛

RD 2015 Day 3 chick pea baji

Our iftar is dad’s dinner. So he always tries to contribute something to the meal, Bless him ^_^ Above is his chick pea (chana) baji.

RD 2015 Day 3 Red fruits

The strawberries are home grown and are nice and sweet, amazingly. Dad was stubborn and began planting at the wrong time of the season, but somehow they’ve managed to grow strong and healthy 🙂

RD 2015 Day 3 potato wedges

RD 2015 Day 3 desert

We never fry our frozen food but always grill or throw them into the Air Fryer. As a family, we’re trying to stay away from the oil and pan as much as we can. So important we don’t ruin the hard work our body has done over the day to cleanse our stomach; eating complete rubbish reverses the detox that is meant to be the whole point of Ramadan – spiritual and physical regeneration.