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Last night’s suhur went perfectly. All because I took my nap earlier to stay awake . But I did overhear mum ask dad to wake her up in case I didn’t. She had lost faith in me 😦

tumblr_mehu7iqzoU1rj6sdso1_250But of course I would rather we all manage to wake up than sleep through suhur. And of course this day was huge. Why? This was the day we wanted to go all and prepare a desi style feast for our neighbours.

Remember that neighbour who gave us a big platter of food on the first day of Ramadan? Well we wanted to make sure we could return something equally as big. So we got my brother to be delivery boy and he went round the houses to give the food. Back in the old days, we used to go together because we were shy to approach the houses without each other. Now those days are long gone; I’m stuck in the kitchen and he has to be useful and do it by himself.

And I knew the day would be long and we would have loads to do. But what did actually happen knocked me out.  I was literally in the kitchen from 10:30 till iftar. 11hrs!!! The morning was spent making the samosa filling and marinating the different meat and chicken dishes. Then 2pm-6:30pm was me making the samosas by myself, even though my sister said she would help out. But she started late so that resulted in a long process of making samosa, after samosa, after samosa.

RD 2015 Day 4 food

When I could finally peal my butt off the chair after making a mountain’s worth of the most sought after Ramadan starter, I had to jump into the kitchen again to prepare the biryani and drumsticks. There was too much food, all unhealthy, all taking ages. I felt like I had been put on repeat spin inside a washing machine; there was nooo stopping! :/ It was like the old days again, and boy do I not miss them. It was nice having my sister and her kids over to make it feel less quiet and we all had a good laugh. Yet my being drained of energy meant I had no time for myself and just about had strength to pray.

If there is a positive side to this its this: I don’t think we’ll be doing this again.

RD 2015 Day 4 my iftar

I stuffed myself, thinking along the lines of carpe diem and all. But as I type this (1:30am) I am still very full and all I want to do is drink ice cold water. So I can already predict tomorrow; I’ll be tired because I didn’t eat at suhur and I’ll feel crap the whole day. Lesson learnt the hard way. Don’t do what I did, kids. That massive meal is not ever really worth anything you have to pay for later.