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Considering how full I was at 1:30 am, I hardly ate at suhur.  I just drank more cold water and ate this:

RD 2015 Day 5 suhur

I almost gave up having anything but was reminded of the blessing that’s in having something, even if its small, at suhur. So I had the ice pop and a peach.

I was working from home today so I could sleep in 🙂 God I needed to after the previous day! So I woke up pretty late and was worried I would lack energy to do anything. But in fact the complete opposite happened. I felt perfectly fine and just got on with the day without thinking about it.

But what took over a bit of my day…

…was when I was messaging throughout the day and few people told me about their terrible experience with encountering aggression and violence whilst out in public, but having no public support/intervention. We all should know of what happened to girls in Croydon being attacked for wearing head scarves. And even when the police turned up they didn’t seem to care for the victims. Well, some of my friends’ cases they didn’t call the police, nor do they feel comfortable to. Ultimately they’ve lost trust in having any serious action taken against any case that they want and should have reported.

So with one friend’s incident, she was punched in the ribs by someone at a bus stop. Another was told off for parking her buggy in the designated spot for buggies by a lady who kept complaining about her shopping trolley being touched by the buggy -_-

Lots of people will say it’s important to go out with someone. Safety in numbers. But if that’s not possible, then I ask you all to be vigilant when travelling alone at odd hours or in quiet places. I say this to myself first of course. I walk to freely, as one should, but times have changed. Everyone lives in a time of fear. The media have created it. The Government have fuelled it. The ignorant are swallowing it.

Let us all just be aware that people aren’t always ready to help like we might want to think. Someone’s problem is always someone else’s responsibility. Superheroes don’t exist. Humans do. And we are full of faults. One of the biggest ones are lacking empathy and compassion. No we’re not all fighters, but it doesn’t have to take brute strength to stop injustice from happening. So, at the same time, we need to stop expecting much from others and start being more careful. Take a video/photo if you can of any perpetrators, make a noise about it so someone nearby might hear you and always report to the police. Even if they are useless, it will still be on their record!

Right. Moving on with more mundane things…

Come lunch time I asked what needed to done for iftar and the response was ‘look in the fridge‘ We still had lots of leftover biryani. But I really didn’t want to have that stuff again. So I improvised –

RD 2015 Day 5 my iftarI just couldn’t deal with such rich food again. And this time, I was left comfortably full 🙂

And no dessert today, but what I have done is order it from here:

11221361_1610587095889459_1957165294611610778_n (1)So that’s desert sorted for Wednesday’s iftar 😀 But also it’s a great way of getting anyone and everyone involved in giving in charity. Of course there are others doing the same for Palestine, Rohingya, Nepal etc. The point is to help out in some way. Plus you get not just a good feeling, but be able to spread the love with your family!