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Today was my first full day at work whilst fasting. I’ve been lucky enough to be off from Thursday last week so today was going to be different. Not that I was anxious about fasting whilst at work. I’ve done it before, of course, in previous years. I simply wasn’t sure if the day would pass without any trouble. But I had nothing to fear and the day was filled with work, enough to make the time pass from 9am-5pm before I knew it 🙂

I later called mum during a break to ask what I needed to buy for iftar. She said dad had sorted that out so I needn’t worry. He had gotten in there to make pakora and kisuri (savoury rice pudding with fenugreek seeds, minus the milk). So my shopping adventure stopped there, but then another began!

tumblr_mp5zb0Lgik1ssbq4vo1_500We have a pond in the college which has a duck and it’s baby ducklings (so cute!). Every year its the same story: a dozen ducklings at the beginning of the year, one by they die. How? We have crows that circle the area and have chosen the furry creatures as their prey 😦

So today I found out we were given permission by the facility team to take it home if we caught it, since it would most probably be eaten anyway. Come the end of the day two other colleagues and I set off to the garden to catch us a duckling! We spent in total 45 mins trying to catch it. We gave it food at first to lure it in and catch with ours hands. Then we got long butterfly nets to make the capture easier. Then we simply tried to corner it to try and catch it. But the flowers, weeds and grass around the pond had grown high enough to make it difficult for us short women (I was the tallest out us three at 5ft 1inch! :O) to see where they were at all times.

running-down-stairsAnd to make matters worse, I nearly fell in the pond! I was moving my leaves with the butterfly net to get the ducks out of hiding, and the next thing I knew, I was falling. And only stopped myself falling face first into the slimy water by turning around 180 degrees and having my right foot bend at an angle to stop gravity from doing it’s thing! It all happened in a matter of seconds. One colleague said she saw me one second, then hears a squeal and doesn’t see me for roughly 5 seconds, and then sees my head pop back up. I found it funny how I nearly fell in; it’s not that the water is really that deep. It’s just that its dirty, with dead flies, algae and I was in my work clothes! We didn’t even have on any wellies 😀

So we failed in catching it today. But the plan is that we try again tomorrow. But this time I’m prepared: I bought a cheap loaf of bread to take with me as bait to lure them to the rocky shore, onto human territory. I sound like a serial killer here, I’m sure. But you just have to look at them to know why we were so desperate to save it…for later!

RD Day 6 DucksSo I’m praying I get to see it alive to catch today – Ramadan Day 7 – before the crow comes for it :/

But moving on…

…to coming home to iftar. When dad wants something, he will go all out! Plus he always wants to contribute, thinking there’s never enough food for everyone. Therein lays the problem to our expanding waistbands and ill health; to always feel full and never feel like you having anything missing. It’s his way of showing affection. In fact, it seems to be a general Asian way of showing affection. But food will only fill your stomach so far, and can leave your heart empty; a reminder again that this month is all about channelling our hunger to help us focus on more important things in life. Self-discipline in any aspect of life is hard, hence why Ramadan has been given once a year to help us build the strength of self-control. Yes, food can give us happiness, and they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But we are more complicate of a species and should appreciate that we’re not that simple (men are included here too! :p)

When I got home I found this:

RD 2015 Day 6 pakuraPlus a neighbour had contributed so we had more fried goods around us. But I really did use willpower and ate a decent portion of food. Enough to have air, but not too little that I felt hungry after:

RD 2015 Day 6 my iftar