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It was a glorious day outside and I was stuck in an office with no air con or useful windows; it was stuffy and the heat was making me sleepy. But I had one thing to look forward to: the ducks!

I went to check up on them before midday and was elated to find the duckling alive and well!


At some point in the night I was sure I would go into work and only find the mum! This now meant that we could try again to catch them 🙂

So come the end of the day the entire office set off to witness us trying to capture the duckling and mother. Even though we had a 6ft man with the long butterfly net and another guy on standby at the other side of the pond, we still failed. I didn’t fall in as the only thing I had to do this time was lure them out with food; I had bought a small loaf of bread the previous day and was trying to make a trail of bread crumbs to lure it out of the water. But these ducks were smart. As soon as it saw the net it swam under the lilly pads and went to the far side of the pond where it’s impossible to catch because of the foliage. Eventually after say 15 mins we gave up and the girls from yesterday decided to try again tomorrow.

The interesting thing about the duckling is that it will be abandoned by it’s mother anyway. So whilst we were in angst about separating the two, we didn’t find out till today that we would be doing the duckling a service by keeping him safe with humans. I mean its much better than waiting to be eaten by crows :/

After the excitement of work, I got home to find my charity cake had arrived:

RD 2015 Day 7 cake (1)

It had the sweetness level I wanted and I was happy seeing it was large enough (9 inches). In the end, only 3 slices were eaten, leaving me with the task of getting rid of it. You see, in a house where you have two diabetic elderlies, an amateur mua tai fighter and me…it’s hard to get rid of dessert like this. So I’ll be taking the rest of the cake to work with me in the hopes that people there are more willing to indulge 😀

RD 2015 Day 7 pakura (1)

There’s that pakura bowl again

Today, as I fried the pakuras, I didn’t want to eat the oily stuff and so I simply stuck to watermelon and the slice of cake. So I had a simple and light iftar, but I felt happier for it and I know I will sleep easy tonight instead of going through hell.