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I apologise for not posting yesterday but my sleeping pattern is off and I’ve lost my battery power recently. So to make this 2in1 post interesting, I will delivery it too you in the form of however-many-it-takes haikus!

This is a traditional Japanese style of poetry that is meant to be deep and leave you seeing a new perspective on things. It’s typically about mundane things or something more philosophical. It doesn’t have to make sense straight away, and it might be the case that it never makes sense to you. If so, *shrugs shoulders* 

Day 8:

Must get rid of cake

all who took it were happy-

Free cake is always good!

Work I must to earn,

Earn I must to travel so-

I can eat egg rolls.

Phone is dying now,

It chose the worst time as well;

I need google maps!

Far I must travel

To a land I haven’t seen-

Fail me not, TFL.

Traffic is real bad.

Sun is most unforgiving

Oh no my sun-block!

Tumble into house.

My friend most unwell but-

potion should help her.

Home late, gotta make

Iftar for us Chowdhurys’;

they were all waiting!

 Demanding, is sleep.

No use denying it for

too long. Just do it!

Don't ask lol

Don’t ask lol

Day 9:

Was in bed, sleeping

Then sister yelled ‘Wake up now’

Why? We need to shop.

Bollywood music

with the smell of fish and meat;

just like my neighbour.

In supermarket

I find old ‘desh’ drink and like

WOW, nostalgia!

6 year old’s B-day

Size of cake not important-

she was still happy!

Not how much I can

eat, how much of it I can

fit inside the bowl.

The light will be clocked

But all the rest keep spinning;

Must switch off my mind

School days, old days.

Who was I all those years?

A turtle I think.

RD 2015 Day 9 coconut cake

RD 2015 DAY 9 Humis cake

This is a powder drink that you should find in all households in Bangladesh :)

This is a powder drink that you should find in all households in Bangladesh 🙂

RD 2015 Day 9 my iftar

Make of it all what you will