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I misunderstood mum about something and it seemed to turn the whole day upside down.

For suhur I always put the rice on in the cooker. Mum instructed me on the level of water vs rice. Now you might think that this shouldn’t have to be a guessing game each time; I’m Asian, my family have rice everyday, and roughly prepare the rice 730 times a year! So how could I still get it wrong?! Well, it’s a little known fact that different grains require different amounts of water. So when mum gave me instructions I misheard and gave more than I should have, without really thinking twice about it.

So when I hear my name late at night and have mum burst into my room…I’m a little surprised. With no one wanting to to have the soggy rice throughout the day, it left us with the task of getting creative if we didn’t want it to go to waste. So dad make kisuri out of it.

But mum never let me forget it. All day she narrated the story of my mistake to all who would listen. I think even the budgies new the story by the end of the day.

But I was determined to have an iftar with as much cold food as possible; on such a hot day having hot food to me is really odd and my body can’t take much of it in. It’s like being offered tea on a day that’s holding up on 29 degrees!

RD 2015 Day 11 the feast (1)

Apart from the chicken legs you see t the bottom, I made an effort to have everyone eat food that would be cooling to the stomach. So taking centre stage are my Vietnamese rice paper wraps.

RD 2015 Day 11 my iftar (1)