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20022_anime-fire-death-skeleton-burnIt was a really hot day today and it was funny how the hottest topic at work was the weather forecast for this week (excuse the pun 🙂 ). Everyone I know is dreading this week Wednesday as it’s predicted to be the hottest day in the year so far: 31 degrees! If my cousins in New York and Toronto could see this, they would LOL hard. Isn’t it always the case that come a little snow or shine, the British talk about it like it’s apocalyptic.

I’m not saying I didn’t feel the heat, but I’ve never really paid much attention to the weather. I deal with the day when it comes. I’m still trying to figure out what scarf to wear for Tuesday, forget Wednesday. The only thing on my mind was iftar 🙂

cucumber_2317756aI went home to find there would only be 4 of us for the evening. I asked what should be made and the response I got made me repeat the question “Let’s have cucumber sandwichestumblr_inline_nqn10wETKW1s2rlxy_500

Mum explained how she didn’t want fried food but something simple and light.

I happily began cutting the cucumber and buttering the bread, when my sister and her family came over and said they’ll be staying for iftar. The plans automatically changed; of course we couldn’t offer sandwiches to them (although I tried and got daggers). So we still had a very Asian style iftar. As always, everyone stuffed themselves and couldn’t get out of their chairs after. I try to control myself and ate as little as possible. Being bloated later just isn’t worth it.

RD 2015 Day 12 the feast

RD 2015 Day 12 the saladRD 2015 Day 12 my iftar