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I should say it all started when I was at work on Wednesday and a colleague asked me how my novella was going. I feel like I’ve told everyone about it, but only a handful of them remember and ask. Like reading from a script, I again told my story: I need an editor!

That was the long and short of it. I had someone edit the piece last year, but I’m still not happy with it. But on Wednesday when I got talking about editing, I realised it had been months since I had last looked at it. So when I got home and looked through it, I decided to ask a close friend to edit it. Thankfully she agreed to do so 🙂


This then got me motivated to do tidy my room. I have had a slump in writing and I felt I needed to clear up to make space in my room to do so. Come summer time I always have the need to clean up and throw away old things. Maybe it’s because I know the summer holidays are ahead, maybe it’s because things are quiet this time of year and I’m not too busy. But always in the summer I go on a mad clean-up spree and I feel amazing after.


Once all the clutter is gone I feel happier and all new. Sounds strange but I truly believe it’s all about creating positive space to have a positive mind. You could say a sort of feng shui

tumblr_m2ldqwLOHP1r6x0bwWhen I told mum I was cleaning my room she didn’t disturb me at all! She was in fact very happy lol. Mum hated how much paper I had piling up on my desk and the amount of books I kept visible everywhere. To her, books should be kept away in draws and boxes, but I only have so much space to hide them in. But I love how my room has become my library 😀

So most of today was cleaning up my room and the house. Then I went about looking through my novella again. People might think I’m running from it, but really I’m not! I want to get it out there but know that I have edited it myself twice and can only look at it again with fresh eyes after some time. With my editor this time I’m asking her to be merciless and cut things out. I think I’ve been quite good about wiping out characters and whole chapters. Now however, I see no way I can cut any more unless I get a separate pair of fresh eyes to scrutinise it. Now that’s been taken care of, I can get on with other projects I’ve been lazy with… :/

Come iftar time, dad and I are fighting over space in the kitchen. Mum was smart and took shelter in the living room to prepare a batch of tiny fishes, whilst I had to dance with dad around using the table top and cooker. I eventually finished off making my stuff and stood back to give him space. But then mum walked in a the wrong time and started telling him off for the mess he had made and then turned on me for not chopping something. Like unhappy mules, dad and I apologised and got on with doing everything mum told us to do O_O


And then at around 11:30 I see flashes of light. At first, I thought it was those teenage munchkins we get around my area at night who enjoy playing with their headlights. But after a while the distant rumble of thunder announced what was to come:


My brother just about made it home but fore the heavy showers hit, but I was really excited by it all. Rain means the temperature goes down and it’s not as warm the next day. In England the heat is always followed by the rain and it’s these small mercies I’m grateful for! 🙂

My WhatsAapp went a little mad with messages about the thunder and lightning. Although it sounds all scary, the end result is always worth it.