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First world hunger makes no sense

I made the intention to fast so I am.

But the rest of the world don’t have that option so I have to

try and do my best – be thankful and give in charity . But I’ll be damned,

I went to my local store and saw men outside asking

for help, for food, for the poor. Not for Syria though

or Somalia, or Nepal. For people in Britain, in the land of plenty.

Austerity claims, do they really exists? With rich still buying wine

whilst the poor are donated juice that’s ‘smart price’?

The country has lost faith in it’s government and people have lost faith

in their future. Kids have no food for breakfast and won’t eat till lunch

so no wonder they struggle to focus, do well, be happy, be strong.

So what does it matter that policies are upside down and

that the Tories are once again in power? All to help us fund

banker’s bonuses but leave nothing for our pension or mortgages.

But there are those who call it quits and end their lives

because they have nothing, see no future, can’t take the lies

they are fed. It’s just too hard for some, and so they say goodbye.

I can say so much more but it’s too exhausting, the government really have no defence

because we all know that first world hunger makes no sense.


I went out shopping with my sister and I saw volunteers collecting food from shoppers outside of the supermarket. And I know these places exists but seeing this in the UK is out of place. It’s a shame that in some boroughs school meals are free for all but in some its not. It’s not fair that people who have disabilities are forced to try and find work when they aren’t getting adequate support and are not capable of working to begin with.

All I want to do though, is raise awareness of how we can help such organisations with providing emergency food for the homeless, families on the poverty line, teenagers in shelters etc.

For me I know I’ll get a hot meal when I break my fast. But that might not be the case for a neighbour down the road or even a colleague I work with. People who visit food banks aren’t all necessarily out in the streets, but that fact that there are people who are going hungry without much notice is a shame for such a country.

Here are some links to Food Banks in London that you might want to get involved with:





Egg baji

Egg baji

Sweet eggie bread

Sweet eggie bread

My iftar

My iftar