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Recently I’ve been getting into homoeopathic medicine or treatments. And I’ve tried out a few things and found some that’s worked for me. But just the other day I had a very long conversation with a student of Prophetic Medicine and was told that with the issues in my body that I want to fix, I have to change my diet. This I already knew and was previously told to go gluten free, dairy free, wheat free and sugar free.

This was initially hard to cut out. Not because I wasn’t willing or committed to make changes, but because I obviously had to get rid of food before I could properly start.

You see, food tends to expire very quickly in the house.  Sounds like a silly thing to say but let me explain; I eat differently to the rest of my family which means I have my own shelf of food that only I eat. Not just because everyone knows I will only eat these foods, but also because no one else WANTS TO eat them 😀 My family is quite conservative/boring in their eating tastes so my East-Asian, or more English foods scare them, so they don’t touch anything.


I’m sure you can guess then what this means! If I don’t eat it, no one will. So there lies the predicament. Of course I won’t let food go to waste and so it leaves me having to quickly consume all the foods I’m not allowed to eat on my new diet within 6 hrs in the month of Ramadan!!!

Not to mention all my baking ingredients that’ll expire O_O Again, I’m the only one that bakes so… In short my family has no talents and I’m burdened with all the food related dilemas 😀

6da8FOODNow this diet isn’t about losing weight (although that’s probably a positive side-effect of what’s expected to happen), but to do with helping me see how my body functions better without certain foods and to give it a chance to detox from hidden processed foods that claim to be healthy.

My weird states of fatigue, feeling hot, feeling cold, having energy, not having energy, not sleeping well, odd dreams etc are all a result of the food I eat. For me to see if I can ‘heal’ and see a difference in my body is why I will soon embark on my new ‘diet’.

I don’t actually like the word ‘diet’ as it connotations someone trying to lose weight and that it’s a temporary state. For me, eating healthy is a life style, not something I do today and forget tomorrow. But in this case, it IS something temporary but will only remain so with the condition that I don’t see the desired changes to my body.

So how is this related to Ramadan?

This is the one month our fridge and freezers are stuffed with food, but we just never have the time or enough human stomachs to help us eat it all. So every Ramadan it’s not just a question of ‘What shall we eat for iftar?‘ But ‘what do we need to get rid of and eat for iftar?

Today was ‘what do we need to get rid of from the freezer?


Dad isn’t fasting but still feels the need to make fry ups for iftar, otherwise it’s not a proper iftar to him. So he and I were zigzagging around one another; I was getting out the chips and wedges and marinating the chicken drumsticks whilst he fried the pakura.

Then it turned out I had grilled too many chips and dad had made a mountain of pakura yet again. Mum wasn’t best pleased….

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So once again, because it was my fault, I had to eat most of the food to help get rid of it. And that’s probably why I’ve felt more out of sorts this month – in having to stuff myself with garbage.

But the last 10 days are soon to arrive and for both worship and food I plan do to better. I’m planning on having something that’s different from the rest of the family at iftar for Day 19 and onwards. Even if that means upsetting some people as they fail to understand that there are other filling and nutritious foods beside rice and curry. Yet, South Asians have the highest rates of diabetes and high blood pressure out of any other ethnic group. Both of which runs in my family :/

I have always felt responsible for my health but for me it’s not just to  look good, but to have a healthier and longer life. To me this is very important and I hope I can improve myself over what remains of Ramadan.