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Oh I have been gone long but all for good reasons [she says to herself].

Although this post is only meant to recall what happened only just this week, it feels like an age has passed and I’m having to dig through the pit holes in my memory for scraps! I’ll try my best 🙂

Monday – Day 19:

I woke with a stretch and felt wonderful

But then went downstairs and found the place like a jungle.

Sweep, sweep, sweep away went the rest of the day,

Then made a mug cake which exploded. What can I say?!

RD 2015 Day 19 mug cake (1)

RD 2015 Day 19 my iftar

Tuesday – Day 20:

Work was quiet, hardly a soul around,

So went to check on the duckling, who was still about.

How the end of the year has come, I cannot tell.

My time ahead changes from here on so I cannot dwell.

All roads come to an end and all doors have a handle,

I’ve reached the end of this path and now have to scramble 🙂

Family came over and ate heartily as the sun went to bed,

and with the odd night came first cleaning, praying, reading and then rest!


Wednesday – Day 21:

Some people don’t know what going into seclusion means.

Talking about football, fish prices and swapping marriage CVs O_O

Yet those who commit come out of it changed.

The world has kept spinning whilst you went away,

You feel like a foreigner, on new land, and it’s your first day.

My other concerns were more domestic,

Lack of sleep made me butcher my hands which then went on to be infected.

I managed to get home with both eyes open,

and dragged my feet back into the kitchen.

Where it all started again as the knife flew into the air,

More blood and plaster. Mum didn’t seem to care!