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ashamedThis is probably the longest gap I’ve taken from posting for my annual Ramadan Diaries and I feel terrible! 😦 But it was a roller-coaster of a week and with work, family and it being the Last 10 Days, I really didn’t think it worth posting anything that was given half the attention and time I normally would. Plus, I had time to focus in the last week of the month so it was much needed. So here is my very tardy mash up posts of the final days of Ramadan 2015:

Day 22:

Mum’s now already left for Canada and the US but then on that day we went out shopping for travel essentials. And it amazed me how much shopping we had to do for 1 person. Usually when travelling to the east we take with us 1st work products that we we know we can’t do without or want to give as a gift. However, in this case it’s a trip to another western country where they have everything. So why were we hunting for Quality Street chocolate and Nivea cream?! As usual, the suitcases were filled with more gifts that clothes, so mum will have to carry back 2 empty cases -_-

RD 2015 Day 23 the feast

Day 23:

It’s terrible when you have fruit in the house and you wait all day, the whole 18 hours to eat it, and then find it’s not sweet enough. This is what happened with the mangoes and the watermelon. Mum bought the mangoes knowing it wouldn’t be sweet and the watermelon was just a surprise disappointment. We had such high hopes.

So I made it into a bubble juice drink:

RD 2015 Day 17 bubble tea

RD 2015 Day 23-baji and kebab

Day 24:

I was craving something different for iftar. Nothing English or South Asian, but more specifically. Korean: ttokbokki. It’s a side dish that is popular in South Korea and is basically rice cakes in pepper sauce. No one understood what I was doing and I pretty was improvising as I made it; I was missing some ingredients and had to make do with what I had. You can add rice cakes, boiled egg and seaweed. For that day though I cheated and used ready made ttokbokki paste and prepared potato dumplings instead of making my own rice cakes *hides face* but I was especially tired that day I was just happy I got what I wanted in the end, even though it wasn’t restaurant quality 😀

RD 2015 Day 24-ttokboki

Day 25:

To continue with my Korean theme, I kept the leftover ttokboki sauce base to add it to noodles. The family, especially my brothers, are noodles and pasta fanatics! So I made them their noodles and I kept some plain ones aside to add to my sauce. I cut pickled radishes and used my chopsticks after some time. Mum and dad always laugh at how I’m able to use them but they mostly marvel at how people thought to use sticks to eat. And I remember after that meal I was STUFFED! No wonder the boys always want noodles.
RD 2015 Day 25-ttokboki noodles

Day 26:

Once again we looked through our cupboards and realised the BB dates on the chapati and crumpets were coming up close. So it was my job to be creative. I came up with egg baji for the chapati and crumpet baji.

RD 2015 Day 26 my iftar

I was also trying to make a chocolate and peanut mug cake at the same time as toasting the chapatis in the grill. And I should have known better…! My mug cake was giving me a hard time by rising before the time had ended and the chapatis burnt slightly on the outside.


So when every broke their fast and tried to rip off pieces of the chapati, they were confused as to why it was so hard. I explained I burnt it and apologised. But dad was still baffled. He asked “Are you sure you didn’t stick it in the oven instead of the grill? Because you know, you don’t have to do that.” They think I’m that stupid

Day 27:

Every year Eid is the same. People come cover, we feed them, I’m stuck in the kitchen, never get to remember to put henna on, also taking family pictures becomes a headache etc etc. But this year I wanted things to be better. Especially for the kids. The house is half packed with children so it’s not fair that they have hardly anything to play with or keep them occupied. All it seems to come to is ‘Leave, you’re messing up the cushions’, You’re shouting too much’, ‘Don’t eat all the food’. That’s why I decided to play Games Mistress and create activities for the kids.

I also did some major eid-food supply shopping that day and along with the games goods, spent nearly £150 O_O So once I got home I tidied up the shopping and conked out. Then woke to find iftar prepared by my sister. Since mum’s operation 8 weeks ago I’ve been making iftar. So it was nice to not wake up 30mins before it was time and find nothing made, knowing it would have only been me banging pans together.

RD 2015 Day 27 iftarRD 2015 Day 27 mishtiRD 2015 Day 27 mishit biscuitsDay 28:

This is when the bug kicks in: what if Thursday is our last eid?

Mum starts panicking about how much chicken we have in the house, clarifying the menu for Eid, whether we have enough salad stuff… So once again, I go out and bought the eid last-min essentials. But most supermarkets had empty shelves: the other Asians got there first!

Then we needed to stuff the freezers (yes, we have more than 1. 3 to be exact) with the meat and chicken. But hold up, the freezer we choose is full of frozen foods. Then that settles the iftar for the evening: frozen.

RD 2015 Day 28 iftar

And my cress is coming along well 🙂

RD 2015 Day 28 cress

Day 29:

This would be when we’re thinking of how quickly the month has passed us by, whether it’ll be Eid tomorrow, and if we have set our alarms early to get into the bathroom early for the next day.

It was a relaxed day with no visitor or with much to do, but to wait and see the day through till you hear about the sighting of the moon. Then around 5:30 I get a flood of messages saying it’s Eid tomorrow and instead of being happy, you’re sad. Because you have to say goodbye to Ramadan. It starts slowly and then before you realise how easy each fast has gotten, the months over. It’s sad, but it comes to an end for the very reason of us looking at whether this month has changed us for the better 🙂

This time, we were prepared with everything. I spent the day making the kids stuff whilst we already had our dishes planned and prepared, ready to cook.

RD 2015 Day 29-eid game prep

RD 2015 Day 29 final iftar


I was the Games Mistress for most of the afternoon through till evening. There was plenty of food, kids, fights, tears and smiles. I don’t know if I can say it was all that fun. I mean I was technically the nanny for all the kids again, but this time I was trying to make sure they had a good time. I can’t say I’ll be Games Mistress again. I’ll just leave it at the goody bags next time :/

I tried to put henna on the kids and this is what I ended up with:

Eid Al Fitr 2015 Eid Al fitr henna art

And I made them play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. This was my donkey (but this is an older picture – I updated it by adding colour, it’s tail and grass to feed on)

Eid 2015 pin the tail on the donkey

And the only chance I had to take a picture of any of the food was this:

Eid al fitr 2015 handesh

I now have to wait till Ramadan 2016. The year ahead will go by fairly quickly and I’ll be blogging once again (I hope) about my daily fasts and my crazy family. Till next year, In sha Allah