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Its been a long time and a lot has happened since Ramadan.

I have now embarked on my PGCE in Post 16 Education, full time.


And it’s been full on ever since. My weekdays are spent between university and college, and in my free time (what free time?!) I’m read materials for assignments and class work. It’s only been 3 weeks into the course but it feels like its been months. I’ve been busy and tired and so keeping this blog updated took a backseat. But now I hope to update it daily as my journal.

As a teacher, and a writer, you are encouraged to keep a track of your journey. So these are the pages I have chosen to draw my ink and write my story šŸ˜€

Week 1

Monday through to Friday there were inductions held at uni. All day we were swinging from lectures to seminars and had the final task to teach as a group of 3 to my seminar group. It was a great experience; I got to know other English teachers in the group and bond over books and film. But to plan only 15min of teaching, we spent 5 hours in total!

Which sounds nuts and it was. But you have to understand that there were 3 heads together tugging over ideas and only after the 2 days did we shape what the message of our lesson would be. And it made me laugh. It really did. By tutoring, I’m familiar with lesson planning and how it can take hours on end to begin with, but eventually that gets chopped down as you grow used to it. So this was too much.

Anyway. It went well and we got a good response from our fake students and seminar tutor. I was nervous when I had to start speaking, but that quickly vanished and all was well.

Week 2

This was the week to go into our colleges and meet the mentor in our subject area that would be guiding us through the year. At first I was nervous and wasn’t sure what kind of person he would be. I had heard horror stories of other people’s mentors and I was worried the path to Mordor was going to be more treacherous than it already was. Alas, I was entirely wrong. He’s a lovely person and a great mentor. He asks me for my needs first and is always making sure I was never forgotten. I felt like I was a priority, not a burden.


But I only spent a few hours with him and then the rest of the week was mine. I went to a wedding, visited a sick friend, celebrated eid and took 1 whole day off. This week was my farewell to free time šŸ˜¦

Week 3

ZomboDroid02102015115352 [7784]I really got into my lesson observations and got a whole stack of books to read. But day by day I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I last did my reading marathons in my undergraduate degree O_O I haven’t read this many books at one time in a while…

This week has been the most memorable. I’ve had lots of positive moments in the classes. But the things that stuck out the most are

Monday: A student was asked to think of a word ending with ‘ing’. He shouted PUKING

Tuesday: My mentor said the poetry anthology was crap, but we had to teach it #reality

Wednesday: Colleges develop children into adults, and people into workers. We are the bedrock of society

Thursday: My class is my responsibility, but also MY space. From door to plant, it’s all mine

Friday: Bored kids might fallĀ asleep at the back of the class or tie their IDs as a noose around their neck…