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It’s crazy how my mind is swimming with all the things I need to get done to be on track with the course!

The list of both fictional and theoretical books keep growing and growing…

Duffin 6


This day was meant to be the day I tackled poetry and theory but instead the day was spent on anything but. It was my job to clean the fridge, both of them. Then the cooker needed some attention, then did lunch and so on. Till It was 4pm and I was hungry. The happiest moment today was when I made these:

power snack: date and coconut balls

And then just as I was getting to my essay for uni…the doorbell rang. As an Asian, it’s known that you should expect visitors but I was still surprised. So that took up the rest of my day.

But thankfully I was able to get in some teaching related reading and I found something interesting about teaching: the need for students to have GRIT.

In psychology this means “a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual’s passion for a particular long-term goal or end state, coupled with a powerful motivation to achieve their respective objective” No matter how how old you are or what level of study you’re in, it’s always easy to lose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place. This reminded me of how I always try to remind students of the imminent exam that they have to take. Its in that moment that their silence and fear make you glad you do it.

Studies have shown that you can judge who will pass and fail by seeing who has grit, and who doesn’t. This might or might not include the ‘talented students’ but I do believe it has some foundation. See who is thinking 8 months ahead and who’s not makes all the difference to lesson planning and result outcomes. Something I’ll now be seeing a lot of.

To be motivated is hard. There are times I’m pushing myself to keep going but I feel I’ve run out of steam too soon O_O


I have to read two collections of poetry, one traditional and the other modern. The modern one isn’t all that so I started with the former. I spent hours and hours pouring over research and I found myself happily engaged; I felt like I was doing my A levels again 🙂 The poem was rich and fun to read and there wasn’t enough space on the paper to make all my notes. But I was invigorated and finally moved onto it’s partner modern poem. However…my God it was killing me to read it!!! I didn’t find what I was looking for online, but most upsetting was having to read the poem repeatedly, allowing my dislike to grow deeper and deeper.

Poetry shouldn’t be this painful 😦

Then my order arrived and I was happy just staring at the shiny glass bottles. So easily pleased 😀

Zaytoun oil

Good quality oil for use on both body and hair.

In short, the 1st rookie weekend to the life of a teacher has just ended.