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I had no idea it was World Teacher’s Day today.

There have quite a few 24 hour celebrations happening. I think there was a Coffee day, skirt day and some other kind of day…but today was a good day.

But I don’t know if people took any notice. And whilst I was observing my lessons today I didn’t see any particular love or attention directed at the teachers. It was just another day. The usual lessons, students and marking.

Miss Honey from Matilda

Miss Honey from Matilda

This reminded me once again about how you don’t teach for praise, nor can you expect it coming your way often. I’ve tried to make all my beloved teachers of old feel appreciated, but that won’t necessarily be the same for me. Nor for those who expect that reward comes with students recognising the hard work you put into a lesson.

You certainly can’t go into this profession half hearted. I’ve had a few people say to me ‘Maybe I should go into teaching…’ and I’ve simply said ‘Don’t bother!‘ Not to say I’m some expert, but its easy to tell between those who are passionate, and those just in it for the holidays.

They don’t realise how long it’ll take to plan lessons, create fun resources, mark homework and assignments, read new material you hate yourself and so on. Being in classes today, the teacher’s creased clothes and weary eyes didn’t go unnoticed to me and my heart waved between dread and awe. THIS is what the job means!

Funny incident of the day:

In A2 poetry the poem To His Coy Mistress was being analysed.

One word was identified as referring to ‘vagina’. When the teacher asked one boy ‘so tell me more about this. What does this line mean?

The boy said ‘well sir, it means vagina. You know, for females…[indicates with head] down there

The class erupted in laughter and I hid my face behind my book. But the teacher wasn’t as amused…:D