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I have a weekly meeting with my mentor at the college in which we discuss the weeks progression, the texts we’re reading and what I should be doing next. So today we finally decided on the classes I would eventually be taking over and I was excited to get started and have my resources ready by the end of the week.

So I spent pretty much all my free time today printing, cutting and glueing. But still I couldn’t finish it all and had to bring the work home. And whilst I was preparing the resources at the college, I bumped into my mentor and he watched me as I battled with the guillotine to get all my papers cut neatly. He laughed and said,

And from now on, this will be you for the next 20 years!

We both laughed and I looked again at what I was doing; I realised I really would be fiddling with paper for the rest of my career, but that the effort I was putting in today would probably be something I would hardly be able to keep up. This is just the beginning of my journey so I want to give it my all. Eventually I might have to give into time and let my energy fizzle out, but for now, this year at least, I want to make time run and give my students the best they might get! [spot the reference to ‘His Coy Mistress‘ :D]

Funny incident of the day:

In one class, at least 1/3 of the girls seemed to be going through the agony of ‘that time of the month’. One by one they all asked to go to the toilet and their teacher was getting annoyed. One girl in particular seemed really chatty and I was desperately trying to get her to do her work. Then when I was close enough she whispered,

Talking helps me forget the pain, miss. I either die right here, or keep talking till the lesson ends

I left her to it, of course.