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Today at uni the focus of the seminars and lectures were to do with behaviour management and class environment. In short, it was about the impact of the teacher on the student’s learning. Sounds very simple and straightforward, but often taken for granted by both teachers and staff.

How often is it the case that teacher’s miss or not pay importance to praise and celebration of a students achievements? Do you think you’re challenging students enough to see progression? Did you handle that situation with the gum chewing in class as well as you could have?

The above questions are ones we had to think about deeply today, and ones I often think over. The key advice I took away with me was how all of this can be solved either verbally or non-verbally. I don’t need to mail a certificate to the student to say he/she has done well in class today: I can simply say ‘Well done’. And if I see a student is not doing any work, I can’t assume it’s laziness but I should think if perhaps the work before them is too easy. The smallest of gestures and of reflection on work set to students have the power to change how a student performs in the class and responds to you.

THIS is knowing your impact.

Seating Arrangement PGCE

Today’s group task on pros and cons of seating plans

I’ve seen too many teachers not be bothered, be cynical, ignore student’s request for change of task etc and they don’t realise that their actions will create a ripple reaction from the student. Whether it’s positive or negative, teacher’s have the power of Impact.

I have only covered it briefly, so below is the video to further explain the term ‘KNOW THY IMPACT’ :

Now, this isn’t to say I know exactly what I’m doing all the time and I’ve got it sorted, but I try to generally be aware of my choice of words and how I go about teaching. Being mindful is one major aspect of knowing ones own impact. You being mindful of others means you will be mindful of yourself.

Funny incident of the day:

I have hardly kept up with the news. I read what I can on my journey to and from uni and college. Essentially, I’m living in a little bubble at the moment. So when I needed a plastic bag to hold my leaky lunch container to stop it from soaking my books, I approached a random lady in the computer room. She laughed and said she should charge me 5p, to which I would have taken seriously, had she not quickly expressed her disgust at the new law. She then kindly got me up to date and I wasn’t surprised at all.

The whole crisis of the 5p carrier bag charge is annoying. Say you’ve only popped out with your cash and the clothes on your back to get some breakfast essentials, but only realise at the check out that “I don’t have any money left for bags!” O_O The worst!


Shopping trolley