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Today was uni day. Its not much of a day off from the college, but I really can only relax when I’m in student mode. I can dress how I like and sit near books for as long as I like. Sad, I know, but true 😀

The night before I was determined to finish off sticking my resources together for the starter activity I’m meant to deliver to an English class this Friday. I stayed up till 12:30 and finally hit the hay at 1am. I’m naturally an early bird but I figured I would still struggle to get up for 6am. So my foolproof plan was this:


I did manage to get out of bed by the 2nd alarm. I had to use my hands to throw one leg over the other to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep again!!! Anywho, I got ready and left to be at uni by 8:10. I then grabbed hot chocolate from a cafe and headed to the computer room to type away till my lecture started.

Going in early means not having to stay back late. I can’t manage the staying back as much #oldage

So the day went by easily; the lectures were on simple aspects of our next coursework and we had a seminar which let me catch up with the gang.

The highlight of the day was when my friends decided to have a late lunch after having an early lunch. Hobbit lifestyle suits us best 😀 We ate our massive pizzas and then moved swiftly onto desert:



I’ve been lucky to have met some amazing trainee teachers and be able to make such good friends already. The value of being around aspiring and passionate teachers is more than I could have imagined. It seems to be the case that teachers slowly lose motivation along the way and have no one to turn to. Education and teaching can be either make you part of a community or make you feel very isolating. I’m hoping not to make it into the latter; I could never imagine myself becoming a teacher who doesn’t talk to others about ideas and strategies; good days and bad days; happiness and sorrow.

I go in early because I know that as a professional the same will be expected of me. I do things waaaay in advance so I don’t end up falling ill doing things last minute. But I never thought I would hold on so tightly to my trainee friends like I think I do now. Already, I feel the need to have shoulders to cry on and coffee to talk over lesson plans. I don’t think I’m attached, but I know I miss that contact with them, and I can see how wonderful teaching can be; you’re never really alone, not unless you want it that way. The teacher’s in my department at the college seem to get on really well and its all because they are constantly communicating with each other, learning from each other.

There are times I want to get on with things and not rely on others, but I’ve quickly learnt that teaching isn’t all about how well you can perform with only what you know. Rather, it’s about how you continue to grow as you teach, learn from others and be open about your practice.

I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m hopeful for the future 😀