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Today almost felt like a day off, but it still ended up being a looong day.

It was open day at my college so, as a trainee teacher, I’m expected to attend as many events that’s teacher related as possible. Luckily, it didn’t start any earlier than a normal college day and I got free breakfast. Whoop whoop! 😀

14499269_105406_2Interestingly enough, one of my colleagues kept his 6 year old boy with him in our English Lit classroom whilst we spoke to prospective students about the course. I’m not sure how it happened but the boy and I became friends quite quickly. At first he wouldn’t make eye contact, then we started playing noughts & crosses, then we played pool on the computer etc etc. All whilst I was trying to work I babysat this little cutie. His dad felt bad about it and told his son to stop calling me for help with his games, but he continued and I couldn’t refuse him 🙂

So I’m pretty sure the students who walked in thought he was my son, considering how we were stuck at the hip and he kept trying to get my attention. I didn’t mind, but of course I was aware that the parents walking in saw me playing hang-man whilst the rest of the teachers worked. In short, I probably looked like a dosser!

But after the day was done, I had my afternoon planned out: I was going over to a friend’s house to make Kimchi. I only found out recently that this friend watched Korean dramas, like myself, and that she has wanted for the longest time to try kimchi and make it herself. So today was booked for my master-class on making it.

Like with anything new, it takes longer to make. In total we spent 3 hours working on it (although there were the two of us!) and had made 2.5 jars of kimchi:

Kimchi making  [35066]

kimchi jars  [35065]

kimchi up close [35064]

***I’ll be posting up the recipe on this version of kimchi soon***

Now the plan is to let it rest and then eat after 7 days. Kimchi is fermented food that is very beneficial for the gut in helping with IBS and curing skin problems such as eczema. Kimchi making goes back thousands of years in Korea and has many nutritional benefits; its no wonder Korean’s have such amazing skin, physique and health.

The longer the kimchi ferments, the richer the flavour and all the more beneficial. So I can only unwrap it after 7 days to reap it’s benefits *cries*

Funny incident of the day:

One student asked me today “What is the difference between English Language and Literature?” I responded by stating the obvious differences and then moving onto the benefits of doing either subjects. Then they asked “So Literature is less technical than Language?” I said yes, to which she responded “Ok, then I’ll definitely consider Lit miss. Yeah, definitely!

English Language is the equivalent of Maths for us, which makes sense why there are always more Literature students. But not always for the right reasons…