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I only realised after I woke up that I didn’t post for Sunday, but nothing much happened so it’s fine. All I did was work from noon till past 10pm to get my first university assignment finished.


I said that I would be repeating my Friday lesson with another class on Monday’s, and that I certainly did. It was much better and I was aware of all the things I was doing wrong…but there are those moments in life where you see you’re snow-bowling and you could have tried to change direction so that you don’t slam into a tree, but since you see it’s already started and happening, you think there’s no point.

I had a lot of those moments in this lesson. I do think it probably is my past teaching experience that is hard to shake off and at the moment, I’m riding on that to see where it takes me. I got brief feedback from my mentor, but we meet on Tuesday’s so I won’t get the full scope till tomorrow. But I myself am aware of the tips/advice that was given to me last week to use and improve the lesson for today, was not all paid attention to. But I told my mentor that I am not defensive and can take criticism, but in truth I was trying to see that all were getting on with the work.

I desperately felt the pressure to manage my time better. Although I had the time limit of each step of the activity up on the whiteboard and I verbally took the class through those steps, I knew they would still be lost. Was this because I thought my instructions wouldn’t be clear/weren’t clear? No. It was because I knew some just wouldn’t get to the task or would be busy just not listening. Later, I did see that perhaps 1 of my instructions could have been explained more clearly, but by that point things were going bad anyway so I didn’t care.

tumblr_nc9bmlhX3r1sk1s4vo3_500There were 5 tables in total and this was how it turned out: (a) 2 quiet and low to average level (b) 4 silent and low ability (c) 4 high ability students (d) 3 mixed ability (e) 3 mixed ability. I had to make sure al were doing their work, and the focus was naturally on the mixed and low ability kids. But that table (b) with those silent and lazy students really annoyed me. I had to stop them staring into space and get them to move onto each task. They don’t even talk much to each other. So for them, I’m already devising a seating plan to mix them up.

I was glad this starter was repeated as I was more comfortable and had the opportunity to include more aspects to it that allowed the high-ability kids to be stretched, which is what my previous starter lacked. All in all, it was better but still bad for other reasons.

This is early days and I know I shouldn’t be so critical. Just gotta roll with the punches.