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The weekend was nothing interesting to report, but the good news is that I was productive.

I spent most of Saturday trying to get ahead of some uni assignments and Sunday went by visiting a friend who would be flying back to Saudi the next day.

And come today (Monday) I taught a full lesson again and I think it went really well 😀


Considering how tired I felt in the morning where I was in danger of dozing off. I felt sluggish most of the morning and was yawning so much I thought for sure I was going to end up eating a fly:


I tried to remember all the things that went wrong on Friday’s lesson and correct them. To be clearer with instructions & timings and ensure I go round to check work were my main areas of development. But just halfway through the lesson I realised that I would actually have 15 mins left of the lesson with nothing for them to do O_O So there and then I improvised and managed to fill in the gap. The students didn’t notice and I didn’t have to deal with behaviour or noise in any way. But before I could wish them all a productive and happy half term, they were out of there quick time.

Funny incident of the day:

A student was trying to finish off their UCAS application and apply for universities that might teach BA Law. But there was some confusion over the name of this one particular uni…

Teacher: So you chose Bath Spa

Student: Yeah but it’s not a uni

Teacher: …sorry?

Student: It’s a spa, sir. Not a real uni

Teacher: No no [sniggers] it’s called that because of the Roman baths that were there. So it’s called Bath Spa…but it’s actually a university

Student: WHAT?! NO WAY SIR

Rest of the office: LOL