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I’m rolling my Monday and Tuesday into one post, considering the content of both days are similar. Not to be so surprising, considering the profession I hope to go into *dry laughs*


ZomboDroid27102015113754 [220652]It was the day my older sister went into the hospital to have her labour induced to deliver her baby safely. We only found out on Friday that the baby had stopped growing due to the shrinking of the placenta. This naturally put the baby at risk as it was getting any food so the next step to take was to deliver asap. She went in at 10am whilst her kids were dropped off at my house to stay over.

The funny thing was, we were all invited to my nieces 5th Birthday party for the evening and we were all still going. Seems cruel and unfair but we all knew that nothing would really happen till Tuesday/Wednesday. And right were were; even at 12 midnight my sister messaged me saying she was bored out of her mind sitting in the hospital bed and felt like a sitting duck 😀

So we all went to the party, ate and were merry. I on the other hand was incredibly tired from my day’s work at the college. I spent the whole day in solitude to get as much work done as possible. The college was a ghost town due to the half term, but the peace and quiet was most useful and I ended up getting loads done. YAY ^_^

One thing I came across in the college was this sign:

ZomboDroid27102015114148 [220753]

It is so very important to motivate young learners. Of course, you can only do so much if outside forces are working against the student and you, however it is still vital to encourage and keep encouraging them in hopes that one day, you won’t have to 🙂


We got home late from the party (went to bed for 1am) so I ended up sleeping till 10am. This then set into motion me having majority of my morning spent oh house chores later, which dug into my study time. And with things not having gone to plan (I wanted to go into college again to work for the day!) I was a little bummed out and decided I needed to do something relaxing.

I originally learnt how to make this easy origami shirt so that the niece and nephew I have round would have something to keep them occupied. But then I thought “Forget them! I need the therapy!” Locking myself in my room for 15mins, I proceeded to make this:

ZomboDroid27102015113541 [220540]

And that was the last time I sat down in relative peace before I had to switch into study mode; I spent the rest of the day writing up the draft of my current 3500 word assignment (such fun!) and looking at my messages on updates from my brother-in-law on the progress of my sister’s labour. As of now, she seems to be well under way and so perhaps by sunrise, I would hear the good news 😀